Weapon skins are cosmetic items available in Borderlands 3 that are applied to weapons. They offer no additional bonuses to weapons and are purely cosmetic. Weapon skins are equipped from the weapon skin option in the item inspection screen.


Each weapon skin will provide up to six base colors for guns to use. These six colors can be overlayed with a number of textures such as leather, rubber, wood, shiny metal, Maliwan's Matte, or Dahl's Camo.

For example the six base colors for the Butt Dazzle Skin are:

Butt Dazzle 1
Butt Dazzle2
Butt Dazzle3
Butt Dazzle4
Butt Dazzle5
Butt Dazzle6
Deep Pink Pearlescent blue and pink Angular blue sparkles White Purple Pink

Certain gun parts such as Alien Barrel cannot be dyed.

List of Skins

Skin Name Source Icon Colors
Gun-Fetti Crazy Earl White, Rainbow, Pink, Unicorn wallpaper pattern
Painbow Crazy Earl Rainbow Gradient, Purple
Crepuscle Crazy Earl Pastel Orange Purple and Blue Gradient, Black
Extraspectral Crazy Earl Pink, Black, Gray
Burnished Steele Crazy Earl Steel Gray, Red
Thunderhead Crazy Earl Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Gray, Lightning animation
Skelebones Crazy Earl White, Black
Black Dragon Crazy Earl Black, Gray, Red, White
Blueberry Limade Crazy Earl Lime Green, Black, Dark Blue
Retro Blaster Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions Black, Red, White, Brown
Goldie Locks and Loads

Deluxe and Super Deluxe edition preorder bonus

Gold, Black, Red
Gearbox Prime

Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions

White, Black, Gray, Green
Butt Dazzle Butt Stallion cosmetic pack and Super Deluxe edition Pink, Blie, White, Sparkly
Dandy Lion World Drop Yellow, Black
Fire and Ash World Drop Red, White, Black
Maliwannabe World Drop Teal, Orange, Black, Gray
Ink and Kill World Drop Red, Black, Yellow, Graffiti Pattern
Deep Nebula Legendary Drop Black, Purple, Yellow, Stars pattern
Psychodelic Legendary Drop Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Animation
It's Poop! World Drop Poop
Red Sands Guardian Enforcer Bonus Red blood splatter, brown
Leather and Regret Guardian Survivor Bonus Gray Wood, Blued Steel, Gold, Brass, Wood
Dead Set Guardian Hunter Bonus
Hot Blooded Reward for completing 13 Crimson Radio Tower Crew Challenges Red, Moxxi emblem
Super Oaker Red-orange, White, Light blue, Gearbox logo (animated)
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