We All Have Our Part To Play is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Patricia Tannis.


"The 'Popcorn' setting on Tannis' device is malfunctioning. Well, it's not so much malfunctioning as creating deadly mutant corn. A few more parts should fix that!"


We All Have Our Part To Play

We All Have Our Part To Play

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Get lots of claptrap parts for Tannis.
  • Clap-Component: 0/100


Retrieve parts dropped from enemy claptraps. The little robots spawn in all of the areas connected to Tartarus Station and can be destroyed easily. One claptrap part will drop with each kill, so the quota for this mission can be filled while actively engaging in other missions. Once the required number of parts are retrieved, the mission can be turned in to Tannis for the reward.


"Those extra parts you found should take care of the giant corn dilemma. Now she'll probably want a shitload of butter."
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