In total, there are 7 chests in the Wayward Pass area.

7 chests. 4 Red, 3 White.

Refer to picture if needed.

Location 1 (White Chest)

This chest is in the first area before fighting Knoxx-Trap. It is located on the stone path under the two paths overhead.

Location 2 (Red Chest)

This chest is just after killing Knoxx-Trap. Head outside to the area where you encounter two claptraps. The chest is in front of a Jakobs house cut-out.

Location 3 (White Chest)

After the Red Chest, take one of the two paths on the right. The chest is about halfway down the path. Watch out for Rakk-Traps. There is another white chest on the ledge to the left just after chest number 3.

Location 4 (Red Chest)

This chest is located just outside the area where you fight Undead Ned-Trap.

Location 5 (Red Chest & White Chest)

These chests are by the vending machine right before entering the Steele-Trap area. To open the metal panels, you must shoot each cut-out along the way. If you miss a cut-out, you can shoot the target posters.

Location 6 (Red Chest)

The chest is located just outside the Steele-Trap area. It is by the vending machines.

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