Watch Your Step is the tenth story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Access tunnels to Veins of Helios
  • Traverse Veins of Helios
  • Exit airlock
  • Enter Central Maintenance
  • Breach Lost Legion defences
  • Destroy regulators on plasma booster A: 0 / 3
  • Destroy regulators on plasma booster B: 0 / 3
  • Get to safe distance
  • Enter command station
  • Find FIX Loader and activate GUN Loader program
  • Activate fast travel
  • Activate remote shutdown sequence



Deactivate the Eye of Helios.

Remote deactivation being a no-go, looks like you're going to have do it manually.

Turn In: Jack

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  • Additional dialogue between Jack and Zarpedon can be head if one remains near the Hyperion Hub of Heroism connection for too long at the early stages of this mission [Clarification needed].


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