Washburne Refinery is a location in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC in Borderlands 2. It is used by the Hyperion Corporation as an Eridium refinery.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Points of Interest

C3n50r807's Cubicle

The office space and residence of C3n50r807, a Hyperion loader obsessed with censorship.

The Arm

It is a long corridor with rails for the wagon. Serves to transport the eridium from one part of the plant to another. A Badass Loader can be found on one end of the Arm while a JNK Loader is located on the other end.

Workforce Fabrication Center

A large sky-lit area used for constructing the automated workers that drive the facility. On each side is three openings which each contain a digistruct pole. These can produce various kinds of loaders, including EXP, GUN, BUL, PWR, and the DLC1 exclusive ARR Loaders. Another Badass Loader can be encountered in this area.

Forge Array

The Forge Array is a curved corridor which houses three pools of partially refined eridium. This area contains a large amount of Loaders, and also a Cult of the Vault symbol.

Lair of the Lecher-Bot

Lair of the Lecher-Bot is a small area past the Forge Array and is where P3RV-E can be found. There is one weapon chest here, and the Vault Symbol can be found in a room just to the north.

Carbonslag Crater

Carbonslag Crater is an open-air area used for the transportation of refined eridium to other areas of Pandora. Two Badass Loaders will emerge once entering. After killing these, one can fight H3RL-E.

The Engineer's Ring

It is factory yard and the arena of Hyperius the Invincible. The entrance on the arena costs 8 Eridium.




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