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Warlord Turge is a boss enemy encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep who only appears in the Mines of Avarice. He is a large orc, wielding a large, spiked war-hammer and clad in spiked armor.


Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep


Warlord Turge's melee attacks are devastating and when used in rapid succession, can easily put a Vault Hunter into Fight For Your Life mode. Warlord Turge has three basic attacks; a ground-pound attack, a leaping ground-pound attack and swinging their hammer in a wide arc. A run and gun strategy is the best way to fight Warlord Turge as he holds the advantage when it comes to close range. A character should run from Warlord Turge, periodically turning around to deal damage. A slag and fire combo of weapons would be most effective.

Warlord Turge has the ability to level himself and others around them by one level. He can do this five times, at which he turns into the Duke of Ork.

In addition to high health, Warlord Turge has armored greaves, shin guards, a pauldron on each shoulder, a chest plate and a helmet. The helmet protects his head against critical hits.


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