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Warlord Grug is a miniboss enemy in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, who can only spawn in The Forest. He is a large orc who wields a large battle axe in combat, which does devastating damage to his enemies.



Warlord Grug's melee attacks are devastating, and when used in rapid succession, can easily put a Vault Hunter into Fight For Your Life. Warlord Grug has three basic attacks; a ground-pound attack, a leaping ground-pound attack, and an attack which involves swinging his axe in a wide arc.

Warlord Grug possesses the ability to level himself and others around them by one level at a time. He can do this up to five times. After the fifth level up, Warlord Grug will transform into the Duke of Ork.

In addition to his high health and damage output, Warlord Grug is armored almost everywhere. He sports armored grieves, shin guards, a pauldron on each shoulder, a chest plate and a helmet. The helmet protects his head against critical hits.

An effective strategy against him is a run and gun approach, periodically turning around to deal damage. Using a combination of slag and incendiary attacks against him deals optimal damage.