For the story boss in Borderlands 2, see W4R-D3N.

Warden is a boss encountered in Borderlands 3. As his name implies, he is the warden of The Anvil, a prison located on Eden-6. He is the first Goliath the player will encounter in the game.



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  • The Warden will initially start with an armor HP bar. Once this armor is depleted, the Warden will become enraged, drop his guns and begin chasing after the Vault Hunter in an attempt to melee them. As he is a Goliath, he can be leveled up while enraged by depleting his health to 1/3, after which he will attempt to kill one of his security guards in order to level up. The amount of guards he needs to kill increases per level, and he will pound the ground repeatedly as he levels up. He can be killed at any time after being enraged.
  • The Warden follows a unique naming progression: Raging > Super Raging > Mega Raging > Ultimate Raging > Godly. His level will increase as expected. Higher ranks appear to drop a larger amount of loot and money.
  • Once he reaches Godly, the Warden gains the ability to fire homing missiles. He will still kill his allies when he drops to 1/3 health, though he will not level up even further.
  • Warden has an increased chance to drop the legendary Freeman rocket launcher and the Sickle assault rifle.

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