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For the story boss in Borderlands 2, see W4R-D3N.

Warden is a boss encountered in Borderlands 3. As his name implies, he is the warden of The Anvil, a prison located on Eden-6. He is the first Goliath encountered in the game.



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Warden uses some of the basic Goliath quotes when fighting, but does have some unique quotes when encountered.

Over intercoms during Hammerlocked

  • Attention, everyone. Vault Thieves are here. Kill them all while I question machine man about the Vault Key! Stay bloodthirsty!
  • Where is the Vault Key?
  • If you no talk, I do this!
  • Whoever kills the Vault Thief gets to be my torture assistant.
  • Want front row seats to the grand opening of the Great Vault? Then kill the Vault Thief!
  • Kill the Vault Thief now! You don't want to see me angry!
  • Kill the Vault Thief NOW!
  • I'm getting angry. Kill the Vault Thief, OR I'LL KILL YOU ALL MY SELF!

Summoning Reinforcements

  • Come out, fiends!
  • More peoples!

Losing an Armor Bar

  • Me... gonna LOSE IT... oh nope, me good.
  • "Me wont...You wont LOSE IT!!
  • Stop... tryna make ME ANGRY.


  • Time for you to meet... THE REAL WARDEN!
  • You're gonna to die in this PRISON... VAULT THIEF!
  • That's it Vault Thieves... YOU'RE GOING TO REGRET THIS!

Summoning Reinforcements - Enraged

  • Bring out the CANNON FODDER!
  • Come kill the Vault Thieves, OR I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF!
  • Fight for your lives, ingrates!




  • The Warden will constantly attempt to enrage like a normal Goliath each time his armor drops by 1/3, but will not enrage until he loses all armor. Once enraged, he will lose all armor but have a bar of red health.
  • While enraged, he will continually pursue the character with melee attacks. He will occasionally fire a barrage of homing missiles which can deal heavy damage, but they can be shot down with weapons.
  • When he drops to 1/3 health, the Warden will attempt to kill nearby friendly units to level up and replenish his health bar, and can eventually reach the state of Godly Warden. During his leveling animation, he is still vulnerable to damage. Once he manages to restore himself back to full health via leveling up, he will once again target only the player character(s) until such time as he is brought back down to 1/3 health.
  • The Warden follows a unique naming progression: Raging > Super Raging > Mega Raging > Ultimate Raging > Godly. His level will increase as expected. Higher ranks appear to drop a larger amount of loot and money. Incidentally, The Warden levels up much more quickly than normal mutants, gaining ranks with every single kill regardless of the target.
  • Warden has an increased chance to drop the legendary Freeman rocket launcher. On Mayhem Mode 6 and higher, Warden can drop the legendary Plaguebearer rocket launcher.
  • If the character runs past the bridge before the fight instead of fighting through, additional enemies will take a very long time to spawn, depriving the Warden of an opportunity to level up.

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