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Wam Bam Island is the main setting of the DLC Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax. It is a tropical resort that the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 intended to relax at.


Taking place after the events of Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, Hammerlock invites the Vault Hunter crew down to the tropical resort of Wam Bam Island. Upon exiting the first building, he contacts you, explaining that they shall take part in a fertility festival.


  • There are three green Varkid pods throughout the map. If injected with a "treasure syringe", they will spawn friendly adult Varkids, which, if followed, will each unearth a treasure chest with higher than average chances to give legendary and pearlescent items.
    • Treasure syringes are obtained from the small shrine on the dock just south of the Retirement Cottages (straight ahead when leaving the "gift shop" map entry point). The syringes cost 10 Eridium each. Multiple syringes can be bought and carried simultaneously, but buying more than three is a waste as they will not persist after quitting the session. (The machine will not work until power to the island has been turned on.)
    • The first green pod is on a cliff near the water wheel. It is visible to the right when exiting the "gift shop." It can be reached by dropping down from the eastern end of the varkid area to the north, or from the elevated bar area by the water wheel accessed during the Victims Of Vault Hunters quest.
    • The second green pod is on the other side of the water wheel, directly in front of the gate to the rest of the island.
    • The third green pod is near the northernmost point of the main island, on a ledge under the rock canopy.
    • The friendly Varkids spawned do NOT generate a map marker and must be tracked manually to their destinations. Losing track of the Varkid (due to battles with enemies along the route, for example) will mean a search for the treasure chest.
    • The pods regenerate in each new game session and can be re-activated for more loot. Syringes must be purchased each time and will not persist across sessions.