Wally Wrong is a unique darksider mini-boss encountered in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is found on the top platform of "The Grabba" building (which houses a Moon Zoomy station and the area's Fast Travel) in the north half of Triton Flats.



Wally Wrong is a large Darksider miniboss, and has increased health and damage compared to the base enemy. He will also drop better loot than most Darksiders tend to, though doesn't have any unique loot associated with him.

During the mission A New Direction, killing Wally Wrong will cause him to drop a prism that is a required objective to complete that mission. Afterwards, Wally Wrong will continue to spawn in the same area.


  • Within the game files, Wally Wrong is classified as a Badass Darksider. However, no Badass Darksiders other than him ever spawn in the game.

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