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Wallop is a unique assault rifle manufactured by Jakobs. It is obtained from the mission Guardian Hunter located in Vorago Solitude, if it is turned in to the Master Poacher.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Packs one hell of a... – High critical hit damage. Decreased damage, accuracy, and fire rate.

Usage & Description[]

The Wallop is a relatively powerful gun that fires as fast as the trigger is pulled. Being a Jakobs weapon, it has low recoil reduction and takes a long time to recover in exchange for high damage. The Wallop does not do much damage to enemies conventionally; however, scoring multiple critical hits can make quick work of an enemy, even in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. The biggest challenge facing the Wallop is its high recoil and terrible recovery, making it difficult to score critical hits even on those with large weak spots.


  • The Wallop's item card lists "+84% crit damage," but this is misleading: the bonus is an additive +60% bonus, and unlike the +15% bonus inherent to all Jakobs pistols and rifles, it will not multiply crit bonuses granted by skills, class mods, or other effects.
    • Because of the way critical damage is calculated in Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, the more critical bonuses a character has, the less benefit they will receive from the Wallop's effect (essentially, diminishing returns).
    • The end result is that, with no external crit bonuses, the Wallop only ends up with about 40% increased critical damage (compared to a blue-rarity Jakobs rifle with the same parts), and 25% increased crit damage compared to a purple equivalent. Having any other crit bonuses at all will actually reduce the comparative increase the Wallop can achieve.
  • Nisha can effectively ignore the Wallop's high recoil while her Showdown action skill is active.


  • The name and flavor text are a reference to the phrase "Packs one hell of a punch" with "wallop" being a synonym for "punch".