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Wainwright Jakobs is a supporting character in Borderlands 3 and its second DLC, Guns, Love, and Tentacles. He is the heir to the Jakobs Corporation. He is the partner (and, as of the ending of the DLC, husband) of Sir Hammerlock.


Wainwright is found on Eden-6, ousted from his ancestral home of Jakobs Manor by Aurelia Hammerlock with the help of the Children of the Vault. It is revealed that Wainwright is in a committed romantic relationship with Sir Hammerlock, whom he refers to as "his partner" and "the love of [his] life".

Through echo logs and Typhon DeLeon's audio logs found on Eden-6, it is revealed that Wainwright has never had much interest in taking over the Jakobs corporation, even when he was young. Upon the death of his father, his low confidence dropped even further, and he was unconvinced that he could be capable of taking charge of the Jakobs corporation, due to his perceived lack of ambition and more importantly, his inability to use Jakobs firearms properly due to his poor eyesight. Despite this, he is very proud to uphold the family tradition and is pushed onwards due to support from Hammerlock, and the knowledge that if it was passed to anyone else in his lineage, they would ruin the entire corporation. He aims to keep the Jakobs name built upon reliance, civility and honor, much like his father Montgomery Jakobs.

He is a major NPC in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC, in which the Vault Hunters head to Xylourgos to attend his wedding to Sir Hammerlock.

To work around his poor eyesight, Wainwright uses his trusty shotgun, The Cure, as a main weapon instead of a rifle.

According to Gaige, Wainwright has a love for books and "brown liquid" (whiskey).



  • One more step and I'll whup ya with lead! I'll emblazon my family crest on your craven ass!
  • Allow me! Allow me, I say, to perforate your ass!


  • Wainwright is completely bald on the top of his head, though this is difficult to see from the front due to his hairstyle.
  • While mentioning the Jakobs tradition of crafting their own gunpowder in old cellar barrels, Wainwright mentions his favorite scent is that of oak brandy, and that the process takes long, but is worth the wait.
  • Wainwright's personal shotgun, The Cure, can be obtained during the story missions of Guns, Love, and Tentacles.
  • His nickname by Sir Hammerlock is "Winny".
  • Wainwright loves puzzles, a fact which comes up multiple times during the Cold as the Grave story mission.