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WAR Loader is a tier 4 pet skill in FL4K's Trapper skill tree.
FL4K's ION Loader is upgraded into a WAR Loader, discarding its sniper rifle and equipping an incendiary shotgun and grenades. While accompanied by the WAR Loader, FL4K gains increased Fire Rate.
When FL4K issues an Attack Command, the WAR Loader unleashes a barrage of missiles at the target.


  • Fire Rate: +12%
  • Randomly throws FL4K's currently equipped grenade mod.


  • The WAR Loader does not grant FL4K any extra fire rate when using the Barbaric Yawp skill. This is a bug shared with the BUL Loader.
  • On Mayhem 10, the grenades thrown by the WAR Loader deal massively increased damage damage. This is because FL4K's pets get a 17x times bonus to their damage on Mayhem 10, which is transferred to the grenades the WAR Loader throws. This is especially effective with the Hunter-Seeker grenade mod, as when it scores a critical hit, it deals 51x bonus damage.
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