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Vulcana is a Lance Assassin squad leader dressed in black and gray armor, and wields double plasma swords in combat.


Vulcana is the first mandatory boss encountered in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. While Vault Hunters search for parts to build a Monster, a Crimson Lance assault pod will arc into T-Bone Junction and disgorge a squad of four Lance Assassins, led by Vulcana. These assassins have been sent to kill the Vault hunters in retaliation for shutting down previous Crimson Lance activities on Pandora.

Vulcana's death will trigger a communication from Athena, who then offers the Wanted: Dead! mission.



Vulcana and the other assassins are fast-moving melee units primarily, and will charge straight into melee range if they can. Vulcana herself is also equipped with small rocket projectiles that she will occasionally stop to fire if her target is maintaining distance. When taking heavy fire she often dives into a sideways combat roll that can whip her out of the immediate line of fire and allow her to quickly resume her pursuit to her target.

It is possible to lure Vulcana to Marcus Munitions, where Vault Hunters can shoot from behind the counter in relative safety. Vulcana seldom follows, so this becomes a safe tactic to avoid her melee attacks. In the very rare case that she does make it through, she can be lured behind the counter next to the shelf at the front. When she attempts to roll away from critical hits in this position, she will be unable to get out from behind the obstruction.

The battle can be ended quickly by first building the Monster, which can then be used to run Vulcana down when she stops momentarily to communicate over ECHO.


  • Vulcana and her companions are vulnerable to corrosive damage.
  • Vulcana will respawn in the same position (along with her squad) if not killed when first encountered.
  • Low level characters are vulnerable during battle, and a New-U next to the battle area can make escaping from a respawn difficult.


  • Vulcana is named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.
  • Vulcana is differentiated from most of the other assassins in that she wears no face mask. Despite this, she still has an electronically distorted voice like the others.