They say the two happiest days of a ship owner's life are the day they buy a ship, and the day they discover a Vault Key fragment.
— In-game description

Voracious Canopy is a location on Eden-6 in Borderlands 3.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Main Missions

Side Missions

Crew Challenges

Points of Interest

The Green Labyrinth

Science Outpost

Wreck of the Family Jewel

The Wreck of The Family Jewel is a wrecked battleship that was the capital ship of the first generation of the Jakobs corporation. How is wrecked was due to poor navigation issues betweent 2 AI's GenIVIV and BALEX.

Outer Hull

Cargo Hold

Distribution Corridor

Security Bay

Private Shuttle Bay

Bridge of the Jewel

Kingdom of Bobo The Great

The Terradome



  • Title given by the game is "Deep Jungle".


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