Voltborn is a rare respawn mini-boss encountered in Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3. He is a unique Nightmare Malech and can be found in in the most northwest corner of Negul Neshai.



Voltborn wields a powerful shotgun, has three shield bars, but no health bars. He will activate his cloaking field as soon as he spawns. He is very aggressive and will actively chase his intended victims, lobbing shock grenades and orbs while doing so. At melee range he attacks with tentacles, taking fair chunk of Vault Hunters' shields and knocking them back. Strangely enough, he hardly ever uses his weapon while chasing Vault Hunters. He also deploys several Shadow of Voltborns, ghostly apparitions which all converge onto their master's intended victims.
Contrary to what his name might suggest, Voltborn is not immune to shock damage. The easiset way to quickly dispose him off is to focus on him while he is occupied fighting Electrified Kriches.


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