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Volcano is a legendary sniper rifle in Borderlands manufactured by Maliwan.

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Special Weapon Effects

Pele demands a sacrifice! – Incendiary x4, large proc cloud (fireball-style).

Usage & Description

The Volcano on its own is a solid example of a good Sniper Rifle in Borderlands. Its elemental accessory is quite strong, and does not decrease damage like its generic counterparts. The Volcano should be used from long range in typical Sniper Rifle fashion. However, it's worth noting that while the Volcano is strong enough on its own to let the fire damage it produces take second priority, if the Volcano is fired at tightly packed groups of enemies the fire will spread to other targets in close proximity to the primary target.


  • After firing this weapon, the target will conflagrate. The ball of flame will stay visible for a few seconds and potentially block other targets in view. Several shots in rapid succession can sometimes conceal whole groups of enemies, and put the player at a serious disadvantage.
  • The Volcano's large proc cloud has a larger area of effect than most other fire element weapons in the game, giving it a greater chance to ignite groups of unshielded enemies.
  • The Volcano drops relatively frequently compared to most legendary weapons.


  • The red text is a reference to the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele. In history Hawaiian inhabitants would throw animals into a volcano as a sacrifice to her.


The Volcano derives its effect from the acc2_Maliwan_Volcano_Incendiary accessory, which provides a massive +16 Tech, increased Fire Rate, and undiminished Damage. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

Fire Rate: +25%

Tech Level: +16

Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6