Voice Over is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Deliver literature to the Voice of Hyperion.



"Workplace harassment is not cool."
  • Kill Lost Legion soldiers
  • Find books: 0/3
  • Place books on scanner: 0/3
  • Upload books


This optional mission is available from the bounty board in Jack's Office. Once accepted, travel to the World of Shopping, the northern area of the Hyperion Hub of Heroism. Lost Legion Marines will spawn and have to be killed. After the marines are killed, the Voice of Hyperion asks for 3 books to be found.

One book is located in the Road to Research, just before the entrance to Research and Development. A closed door must be opened by activating a wall switch. The book will be on the floor, next to a corpse.

Another book is located in the central World of Shopping area. It has been picked up by a cleaning bot that is moving around the area near where Dean from the Hot Head mission is located.

A final book is stored inside a Hyperion ammo chest, in the southernmost area of the World of shopping, on the lower lever near a set of stairs.

Once all the books are collected, the books must be placed on a scanner near the Voice of Hyperion kiosk, and uploaded. After the books are uploaded, the mission may be turned in back at the bounty board in Jack's Office.


"Job fulfillment is a very important thing to strive for. Never give up."

Turn In: Bounty board

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