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We see the pain in your eyes. We sense your anger, your feelings of betrayal, and your disgust. And we at Vladof are with you. The time is coming, comrades! The time to stand up and be heard is nearly upon us and you must be prepared. You must be armed! Vladof firearms were designed for this moment in time. Seize it! When you shoulder a Vladof, you will know at once that you are not alone and that you can be heard. You will be heard! All Vladof weapons are constructed in the factories of your brethren and designed to pack the highest firing rate possible. The oppressors will be fast - we know this - Vladof helps you to be even quicker. Rise with Vladof. Together we will forge a better tomorrow!
— Vladof sales pitch, Official Borderlands Guide

Vladof is a weapon manufacturer in Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 3. Vladof weapons tend to have lower accuracy but also have an extremely high rate of fire compared to other guns of similar level rating. Their firearms can often be identified by an orange/brown finish, with grey or white accents. They follow a Russian and East European themed naming scheme.

Vladof weapons' boosts to rate of fire are calculated in a manner that causes guns with a lower baseline rate of fire to gain a larger boost, and weapons with a larger baseline rate of fire to gain a smaller boost.




Vladof manufactures assault shotguns, machine guns, machine pistols, repeaters, rocket launchers, and pump-action sniper rifles.

The following are made by Vladof in Borderlands.

Unique weapons:

Legendary weapons:


Class mods:

  • Berserker - Berserker • Skirmisher
  • Hunter - Gunslinger • Hunter
  • Soldier - Rifleman • Support Gunner • Patriot Vladof Loyalty

Grenade mods:

  • Proximity Mine - Explosive, Corrosive, Incendiary, Shock


  • Fire Burst • Wave • Nova

Pearlescent weapons:

Weapon Tiers

  • Vladof Peasants = Level 13-21
  • Vladof Peoples = Level 22-30
  • Vladof Workers = Level 31-39
  • Vladof Soldiers = Level 40-47
  • Vladof Patriots = Level 48+


Brick's starting weapon

  • Brick's starting weapon, the SG11 Busted Shotgun, is the only combat shotgun manufactured by Vladof.
  • Roland's starting weapon, the CR20 Rusty Machine Gun, is the only combat rifle made by Vladof. Proof of this is the CR in the title, which is normally found on Dahl, Hyperion, and Tediore rifles. This is also the only combat rifle that does not have a scope.


  • "Vladof. You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!" - Marcus Kincaid
  • "Want to shoot a lot of bullets really fast? Vladof has your needs covered!" - Marcus Kincaid
  • "Why aim when you can spray? No one is faster than a Vladof!" (Mad Moxxi in The Underdome Riot)
  • "Remember, shooting faster means killing faster. And no one's faster than a Vladof." (Mad Moxxi in The Underdome Riot)
  • "Vladof... For the Revolution!" (Mad Moxxi in The Underdome Riot)
  • "Vladof... the fastest guns in the universe." (Mad Moxxi in The Underdome Riot)


  • Vladof manufactures over 64,800 repeater pistol, 12,600 machine pistol, 23,000 assault shotgun, and 14,400 rocket launcher varieties (Information taken from the Borderlands manual).
  • Official company motto is "The weapons of the revolution. Even oppression itself fears Vladof." (Information taken from the Borderlands manual).

Borderlands 2

Vladof weapons tend to have a higher rate of fire than any other manufacturer. Vladof weapons with multiple barrels sometimes feature increasing fire rates as the trigger is held.

Vladof launchers can have the special ability "reduced ammo consumption", which means that every third shot fired is not deducted from either the magazine or the player's ammo stock. This is coupled with lower base damage, though the overall destructive capacity of the weapon remains roughly the same as an equivalent launcher from most other manufacturers.

The reduced ammo consumption effect appears to dominate the increased ammo consumption of E-tech weapons, and interacts strangely with character skill or class mod properties that adjust magazine size. Launchers will sometimes reach zero rounds in the magazine and fail to reload automatically, and switching weapons while a 'ghost round' is in the launcher's chamber will sometimes outright prevent ammo consumption on the other weapon until the character again uses a Vladof launcher to restore normal ammunition behavior. It is possible that the Vladof launcher's mechanism has less to do with providing a free round after two normal shots, and more to do with firing two-thirds of a rocket per shot. The bugs may simply be the result of the game not responding properly to fractional bullet counts.

Blue and purple Vladof sniper rifles spawn with drum magazines, which can increase the clip size to usually 12 rounds, and in rare cases upwards of 20 rounds, making them the highest capacity sniper rifles in the game.


The following are items made by Vladof in Borderlands 2.

Common weapons

E-tech weapons

Unique weapons

Legendary weapons

Seraph weapons

Pearlescent weapons

Class mods

Grenade mods



Weapons without accessory and without elemental capacitor
Grip Bandit Dahl Hyperion Jakobs Maliwan Tediore Torgue Vladof
Pistols N/A Woeful Despair Oppressed No Prefix N/A Grim Angry
Assault Rifles Forlorn Woeful N/A Oppressed N/A N/A Grim Angry
Sniper Rifles N/A Nochy Sneety Sladky No Prefix N/A N/A Kot
Launchers Revolt N/A N/A N/A Rocket Icy Grim Angry
Weapons without accessory but with elemental capacitor
Capacitor Corrosive Fire Shock Slag
Pistols Caustic Burning Discharge Slag
Assault Rifles Corrosive Hot Sapping Slag
Sniper Rifles Splodge Phospher Strack Bolnoy
Rocket Launchers Virulent Red Shock Opposing
  • Rocket launchers with Bandit grip (bladed) always receive the Revolt prefix even with elemental capacitor present.
Weapons with weapon accessory, with or without elemental capacitor
Accessory Effect Pistols Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Rocket Launchers
Accuracy + Righteous Severe Zammechat Victorious
Fire rate + - Rabid Skorry Turbulent
Bullet speed + - Swift - Paritisan
Damage + Purging Ferocious Gromky Rugged
Reload speed + - - - Ruthless
Stability + Resolute Resolute Dobby -
Melee + Patriot's Skewering Britva
Critical + - - Razrez -
Magazine size + Unending Exspansive Bolshy Worker's
Double Dva - - -
Swap speed + - - - Moscovite's

Gun Appearance by Quality

Vladof pistols at increasing rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, Gemstone, E-tech, and Seraph.

  • White weapons
    Rusted, pale grey metal and pale brown wood, often with the Vladof star-in-V logo on the magazine.
  • Green weapons
    Wood and dark gunmetal finish, similar to that of an AK-47.
  • Blue weapons
    Grey-black gunmetal marked with a red hammer and sickle logo.
  • Purple weapons
    Extremely shiny, silvery gunmetal with a logo consisting of a bright red double-headed imperial eagle with a Vladof star-in-V superimposed over it. Elemental weapons will have inserts in the color of their respective elemental capacitor.
  • Gemstone weapons
    Weapons with the prefix Garnet have reflective dark-red color with orange inserts. Elemental weapons will have these inserts in the color of their respective elemental capacitor. This appearance cannot be found in rocket launchers or E-tech weaponry.
  • E-tech weapons
    E-tech weapons have the same color scheme as Purple weapons.
  • Seraph weapons
    Stinger Seraph pistol and Patriot sniper rifle have shiny light-blue color scheme with white elements.
    Lead Storm assault rifle is matte painted in drab olive-green with dark-grey elements on stock, grip and top cover. It sports the Vladof star-in-V logo on the magazine.
  • Pearlescent weapons

Stalker's skin is that of a purple Vladof weapon.


  • Vladof uses Nadsat for their sniper rifle titles (e.g. Horrorshow, Droog) and prefixes (e.g. "Bolshoy," "Gromky," "Bolnoy"). The fictional Nadsat dialect was created by Anthony Burgess in his 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange.
  • Vladof skins are most often black or grey in color and often continue the eastern European theme the guns have had since the first game.
  • Vladof weapons sights keep up a particular aesthetic; launcher sights are vertical and rounded scopes, pistols have an elongated scope that increases accuracy, rifle scopes are a reflex sight with a smaller iron preceding it, and sniper rifles have a blank, thin scope with a bulbous end.


  • The company is based on Kalashnikov Concern, being based on Russia and its weapons having low accuracy, a feature which the AK models were wrongly accused of.
  • It is revealed through radio ads in Borderlands 2 that the founder of the company is comrade Vladof.
  • The Vladof trailer for Borderlands 2 uses the Soviet Union National Anthem.
  • A Bubble for your Thoughts challenge reveals that Vladof's full name is Ivan Vladof and Nurse Nina is his missing sister.
  • The various Nadsat (teen slang) terms used to name Vladof sniper rifles have the following meanings:
    • Bolny, adj. - sick, ill; used as a prefix in the game to indicate Slag damage
    • Bolshy, adj. - big; used as a prefix in the game to indicate increased magazine size
    • Bratchny, n. - bastard
    • Britva, n. - razor; used as a prefix in the game to indicate a blade attachment and increased melee damage.
    • Dobby, adj. - good; used as a prefix in the game to indicate increased stability
    • Droog, n. - friend
    • Gromky, adj. - loud; used as a prefix in the game to indicate increased damage
    • Horrorshow, adj./adv. - good, nice, well; technically misused as a noun in the game
    • Moloko, n. - milk; in Russian, may refer to a missed shot; used in the game to refer to E-tech Vladof sniper rifles, which have lower accuracy than regular ones.
    • Nochy, n. - night; technically misused as an adjective in the game to indicate a Dahl grip
    • Pooshka, n. - a gun, specifically, it is implied in the novel, a revolver
    • Razrez, v. - tear, rip, shred; technically misused as an adjective or substantive in the game to indicate increased critical damage
    • Skorry, adj. - fast, quick; used as a prefix in the game to indicate increased fire rate
    • Sladky, adj. sweet; used as a prefix in the game to indicate a Jakobs grip
    • Sneety, v. - dream; technically misused in the game as an adjective to indicate a Hyperion grip
    • Splodge - an onomatopoeiac word indicating a squelch or splash
    • Strack, n. - fear; technically misused as an adjective in the game to indicate Shock damage
    • Zammechat, adj. - superb, great; used as a prefix in the game to indicate increased accuracy
  • Dva, the prefix for pistols that fire two rounds per shot, means two in nadsat and Russian.


  • "This is Comrade Vladof, the voice of the revolution! Now is the time to strike! Use our high fire-rate weapons to topple the oppressors and take back your rightful freedoms! Listen well, brothers and sisters: if your finger ever leaves the trigger, their boots shall never leave your neck." (Radio advertisement)
  • "In these trying times, the Vladof corporation is certain of one thing, and one thing only: they are coming. Coming to take your food. Your home. Your loved ones. Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow, but soon. And as they sharpen their swords and smile through their teeth at their subjects, Vladof has only one question to ask: will you be ready to fight back?" (Radio advertisement)
  • "The Vladof corporation reminds you that there are only two types of people in the universe: the oppressors, and the oppressed. The oppressors cannot be swayed with words, cannot be bargained with. There is only one way to stop your corporate dictators: bloody, bloody revolution. You must drown your oppressors in a storm of bullets! You will bury them under an avalanche of lead! And as you topple their towers of money and lies, they shall look down into the mobs of the disenfranchised and see one brand of weapon in every hand: Vladof! Vladof! Vladof!" (Radio advertisement)



Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

In addition to their full range of common pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, Vladof products in The Pre-Sequel include items listed below.


Unique weapons

Legendary weapons

Class mods

Grenade mods


Oz Kits


Weapon prefixes remain generally the same as in Borderlands 2 with slag weapons being replaced with cryo weapons. Weapons without weapon accessory but with cryo elemental capacitor have prefixes listed below.

Pistols Ice
Assault Rifles Frozen
Sniper Rifles Cold
Launchers Cold

Only exception to this are rocket launchers with Bandit grip which always receive the Revolt prefix even with elemental capacitor present.


Vladof weapons are essentially unchanged from Borderlands 2.


  • "This Comrade Vladof! Now is the time to throw off your shackles and use our high-throughput weapons to liberate yourselves from your oppressors! May your finger never leave the trigger!" (Radio advertisement)
  • "Comrade Vladof addressing you! The people can overcome their oppressors only by banding together in large numbers, just like the high rate-of-fire of Vladof weapons! Except the people are BULLETS!" (Radio advertisement)

Borderlands 3

The company's main gimmick has remained unchanged, keeping the signature high fire-rate on all weapons but now have the gimmick of having a secondary weapon attached to the main weapon.

Secondary Weapon Fire Mode

Main article: Alternative Fire mode

Vladof weapons have various underbarrel attachments that offer a different way of dealing damage. On assault and sniper rifles switching modes is represented by rotating the barrel so that the currently active option is on top – with exception of the bipod attachment.

Vladof underbarrel attachments include:


  • Taser
    Tasers fire in a slight arc and will continuously deal damage to both enemies directly hit and enemies around the taser itself, which means even missed tasers can still do damage if the user can keep enemies in the taser's vicinity. Uses ammunition from the character's ammo reserve rather than the current magazine, and regenerates itself after a few seconds.
  • Zip Rockets
    This attachment fires tiny rockets in a straight line. It has its own magazine which will regenerate after a short time.
  • Second Barrel
    A secondary barrel below the regular one. When activated, the barrels rotate after every shot, increasing the fire rate of the weapon at the cost of accuracy.

Assault rifles:

  • Grenade Launcher
    Does not draw from the current magazine and has a varying maximum of grenades that can be launched at one time. Regenerates one grenade at a time.
  • Secondary Chain Gun Barrel
    Found exclusively on Bezoomies. By default, only the upper one is active. On mode switch they will rotate by 90°, activating them both for increased fire rate. Ammo consumption and recoil will increase with the fire rate as well.

Assault rifles and sniper rifles:

  • Bipod
    Switching modes deploys a bipod that drastically improves handling and accuracy, but reduces movement and aim speed.
  • Shotgun
    Possesses variable projectile counts and pellet damage statistics, and like the grenade launcher attachment, the weapon regenerates one shotgun round at a time separate from the main magazine but will draw each round from the user's current ammo reserves. Each shot of the shotgun will take one bullet.

Sniper rifles:

  • Rockets
    Similar to the assault rifle's grenade launcher, this attachment grants additional explosive projectiles. The amount of rockets can vary.
  • Underbarrel Barrels
    Found exclusively on Bratchnies, two additional barrels spawn underneath the main barrel. When toggled, the weapon's fire rate is increased at the cost of accuracy.

Heavy weapons:

  • Micro-Rockets
    This alters the method of projectile delivery, rather than being an alternate weapon attached and draws from the current magazine of the weapon. Fires a swarm of smaller missiles to bombard an area instead of a single large rocket.
  • Big-Boy Rocket
    The damage dealt by this single rocket is at least double, and sometimes triple that of the normal rocket fired. Regenerates its round relatively slowly, but does draw from reserve ammo pool and not the current magazine.
  • Mortar
    Designed to assault enemies behind cover. Regenerates its round relatively slowly, but does draw from reserve ammo pool and not the current magazine.

Alien Barrel weapons

  • Launcher
    Found on Pushdugs, Burzums, and Ghaashes, the weapon fires a grenade which detonates upon hitting a surface, dealing damage and leaving an elemental puddle matching the weapon's element. Ghaashes have a slightly different variant which summons 3 MIRVs which also leave an elemental puddle upon detonation.


Common weapons

Unique weapons

Legendary weapons

Grenade Mods