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Vincent Olmstead is a non-respawning mini-boss in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles expansion for Borderlands 3. He, along with Eleanor founded the Bonded cult.


Vincent was originally a Dahl researcher who, alongside his wife Eleanor, discovered the corpse of the Vault Monster Gythian on the surface of the planet Xylourgos. During his time researching the heart, Vincent became convinced that Gythian's still beating heart could open the doors to immortality. However, due to his obsession, the heart consumed and imprisoned Vincent inside of itself. Desperate to free her beloved, Eleanor researched a piece of Gythian's heart and forged two rings from it. With one of the rings, she was able to allow Vincent to possess a member of their research team. The body barely lasted a year and the two concocted the idea of the Renewal Ritual, luring people to the icy rimworld in hopes of gaining a steady supply of potential vessels for Vincent to "wear."


During the events of Guns, Love, and Tentacles, the Vault Hunter and Wainwright Jakobs interrupt Vincent and Eleanor's Renewal Ritual while scouting for the perfect wedding location. Vincent will directly fight the Vault Hunter at this time.



During his fight, he behaves like a Specter Malech, albeit with three bars of health. He is incredibly durable but will go down under sufficient fire, especially with incendiary damage. Once he is defeated, Vincent will fade away, exposing the actual victim wearing the ring; the nameless NPC will moan out "Thank you" before dying.


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