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Villa Ultraviolet is a location on Joey's Planet in Borderlands 3 added with the event Revenge of the Cartels.

Villa Ultraviolet is the headquarters of the galactic Eridium Cartel, owned and led by Joey Ultraviolet. It is a lavish mansion full of golden statues and Eridium in many forms.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Main Missions

Optional Missions

  • Revenge of the Cartels II: The Revengening

Points of Interest

The House That Joey Built

An enormous, finely decorated mansion. Upon entering, a large circular fountain adorned by several statues of bandits appears and when fitted with the missing piece, lowers out of sight to reveal a corridor with a room at the end containing a single chest, and a trapdoor which leads to the lowest area of the villa.

Beyond the fountain are two curving stairways that lead to the upper level of the mansion, which holds two bedrooms and the Grand Baller-room. The remainder of the ground floor is taken up by a spacious living area that opens to the gardens, a corridor that leads to a smaller villa, and a kitchen. Scattered throughout the mansion are piles of Eridium dust in varying sizes.

Gardens of Hedonia

The massive courtyard that lies to the north of the mansion. It is divided into two levels. The upper level holding more statues and water fountains, and the lower level acting as a sitting area. At the northernmost end are two structures, one contains an underboss and a cabinet which can hold the missing fountain piece.

Grand Baller-room

Located on the upper floor of the mansion, it is a large rectangular room filled with crates and enemies, with a large office. Located in this office is a cabinet that can hold the missing fountain piece, a large desk baring an interactable keyboard surrounded by piles of Eridium dust, four television screens, and bookcases that hold clues for a puzzle that, when solved, opens a hidden room containing several loot chests. When first entered, the character will fight several waves of enemies that ends with one of the underbosses appearing from the office.

Council Of The Cartel

The lowest level of the mansion. It is a large, sparse square room overlooked by balconies primarily used for getting rid of unwanted problems that find their way into the villa. It is also rigged with traps including an acid pit and laser grids.

Mansion Inside A Mansion

A smaller villa located off the eastern wing of Villa Ultraviolet. It is accessible via a short courtyard and can only be entered after killing several waves of enemies. It is styled and furnished the same as the larger mansion and features a bedroom, dining area, and large living room with an elevator on its ground floor. The upper level is another bedroom with a loot chest, a cabinet that can contain the missing fountain piece, and an ensuite with a golden toilet. There are many enemies within the living room that, when killed, call an underboss from the elevator.

Old Grape Storage

The wine cellar that spans beneath the living room and courtyard of the mansion. It can be entered from either the kitchen or the lower level of the gardens. Hidden in a small side room is one of the golden toilets needed for the "Marking Your Territory" challenge.


  • Villa Ultraviolet has four minibosses that spawn in fixed areas. Hunting down all minibosses during each trip to the villa is a consistent way to complete the "Six Feet Underbosses" challenge.
  • The Villa's enemy types will reroll each time it is visited, including if the player quits to the menu while Revenge of the Cartels: Ultraviolet Nights is active. However, if the player quits to the menu while Revenge of the Cartels II: The Revengening is active, the enemy type encountered at the Villa will always be CryptoSec.