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|Box Title = Vic
|Box Title = Vic

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Vic is an NPC in Borderlands 3. She is met in the side mission, Head Case which becomes available after completion of Cult Following in Ascension Bluff.


Vic was a member of the Sun Smashers and was eventually promoted to Deputy War Chief by Vaughn after the death of Deputy Headcheese in an acid pit. Vic and the Sun Smashers later found the Vault Map in the desert. Believing they could get rich from the artifact, Vic showed it to Vaughn and proposed that they sell it to the Children of the Vault. To her annoyance, Vaughn told Vic to instead hide the artifact. Believing Vaughn did not know what was best for the clan, she ignored him and brought the Vault map to Mouthpiece. Due to the Sun Smashers' greedy motives for joining the Children of the Cult, the Calypso Twins decided they were not worthy and had Mouthpiece and his men kill them. Rather than executing Vic, however, she was decapitated and her head was stored in a jar. It was here that she would be tortured by the Interrogator in virtual reality.


Vic's head is found immediately after defeating Mouthpiece. With Vaughn recognizing her, he informs the vault hunters to take her head to a VR console and enter the simulation to save her. Once inside the simulation, Vaughn informs the vault hunters that uploading Vic to the simulation probably fractured her memories and that they must first find four ECHO recorders scattered around the COV compound. Finding these recordings reveal what happened to Vic and her growing frustration with Vaughn. After finding Vic and defeating the Interrogator, the vault hunters then escort her back to the VR console. Surprisingly, exiting the simulation frees Vic but also creates a clone of her with a physical body. Remorseful, the clone apologizes to Vaughn for her actions. Forgiving her, Vaughn invites both Vics to join him in the Crimson Raiders after completing one hundred apology pushups. Grateful, the clone thanks the vault hunters for rescuing her. With the mission complete, she starts conversing with the head of the original Vic, stating that both of them can now have plenty of quality 'me time' together.



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  • Hey Vaughn. Look, I'm a slappin' idiot. The COV are MESSED UP. We tried joining them and all they did was murder and torture us in that order!
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