The Vibra-Pulse is a Unique Laser manufactured by Maliwan. It is aquired by starting the mission Home Sweet Home and opening the weapon crate located in Moxxi's Up & Over Bar in Concordia, along with the Slammer and the Kiss of Death.

Special Effect

Why not turn me on?  – Always Shock. Fires a continuous beam which inflicts increasingly heavier damage upon a target and chains damage to surrounding enemies. A percentage of the damage inflicted by this weapon is returned as health.

Usage & Description

The Vibra-Pulse fires a shock beam that increases in damage with continuous fire, but with added features. So long as the beam damages an opponent, any enemies within close radius of the targeted enemy will be damaged by chains of shock damage. This makes the Vibra-Pulse excel at decimating shields of multiple targets at once.

Additionally, being a Moxxi weapon, the Vibra-Pulse heals the user for a portion of damage done, making it extremely useful for leeching health from groups of targets. 


  • The weapon's full title in the game files is "Miss Moxxi's Vibra-Pulse;" however, "Miss Moxxi's" is treated as a prefix by the game engine and can be replaced with other prefixes.
  • Common to other Moxxi weapons, the Vibra-Pulse is a reference to Moxxi and her tendency to mention sexual connotations, in this case, a vibrator.

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