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Vermivorous the Invincible, with the alternative alias of Supreme Badass Varkid, is the ultimate evolutionary stage of varkids. She possesses unmatched statistics, rivaling even those of raid bosses.

Vermivorous only spawns in True Vault Hunter mode and higher difficulties in all of her appearances.



Borderlands 2

Vermivorous has more health than Terramorphous the Invincible, but since the fight does not restrict use of cover, buying equipment, or respawning (as long as someone keeps her attention in multiplayer), no special strategy is needed. However, due to the incredibly low evolution rate, significantly more time will be spent trying to spawn the raid boss than fighting her.

Vermivorous is similar to a regular Ultimate Badass Varkid, though she is stronger. She can launch a barrage of corrosive balls, summon small explosive varkids which tracks the target (these can be shot for Second Winds), and stomp targets in close proximity. Vermivorous can also fly, though she has no clear preference between ground and air. Like the Badass Varkid, she can perform a charging attack when on the ground but with increased velocity, but unlike the Super Badass Varkid, it cannot burrow.

Areas in which large numbers of varkids are found are ideal for getting Vermivorous to spawn. Varkids can be found in abundance within the Caustic Caverns and the Tundra Express - Farmhouse, both of them with convenient Fast Travel stations near the varkid spawn areas. It is also possible for the Ultimate Badass Varkid that spawns in the Creature Slaughter Dome transform into her, but this requires the corresponding DLC and for the stages to be failed repeatedly.

The first area of the Caustic Caverns contains a large group of varkids that continuously spawn. It is possible to get these varkids to attack nearby crystalisks, allowing varkid evolution to be safely observed. Additionally, as varkids do poorly at attacking crystalisks (they only hit the crystalisk's body and not the legs, which in turn inflicts almost no damage), the crystalisks are able to distract the varkids for extended periods, making the fight incredibly easy.

The Tundra Express Farmhouse provides another area with large numbers of varkids. As the varkids cannot enter the farmhouse, cover can be taken inside, although the projectiles of a Badass Varkid can still hit. Apart from several buzzards that appear after some time, it is also easier for varkids to leave combat and become inactive.

There are three ways to instantly kill Vermivorous: The first is to lure it in front of the train running through Tundra Express, which kills it upon impact. The second way is in Caustic Caverns near the first fast travel station. If the first set of doors are closed while Vermivorus is standing near them and they are opened immediately after, she will be killed. The third and final way is with Zer0's B0re skill, although this also only works in Caustic Caverns as it requires crystalisks. If Vermivorous is attacking a crystalisk, it is possible to bounce a bullet off the crystalisk's leg into Vermivorous. This requires a gun whose bullets naturally bounce off surfaces, such as the Stinger or the Stalker, since B0re bypasses regular bullet deflection on crystalisks. If done properly, B0re will activate, and combined with the massive bonus of a critical hit, Vermivorous will be easily killed.

Borderlands 3

Vermivorous appears alongside Hemovorous the Invincible in the Director's Cut DLC and only appears while playing on Mayhem Mode or True Vault Hunter Mode. She is no different from Hemovorous but spawns with it simultaneously.
For more information on this incarnation of Vermivorous, see You. Will. Die. (Over and Over).


  • In Borderlands 2, Loot may include the following items:

Axton Gaige Krieg Maya Salvador Zer0

  • A hotfix released on March 12 increased the quality of loot Vermivorous drops.
  • A hotfix released on November 9, 2015 increased the spawn rates of Vermivorous in single player mode.
  • A legendary item is almost guaranteed to drop, including the Norfleet.
  • Rarely drops heads: Kawaii Killer (Siren), G4l4h4d (Zer0), Lovely Corpse (Gaige), HAHAHAHAHAH (Psycho), Bone Blinder (Commando), Superduperfly (Salvador).
  • Rarely drops skins: Ninja Rose (Siren), Flowers On Your Grave (Zer0), Candy Cane (Gaige), DON'T SNIFF MY NIPPLES (Psycho), Fierce and Flowery (Commando), Blacklight (Salvador).
  • The 'suicide varkids' frequently released by Vermivorous can be used to achieve a Second Wind. Shooting them counts for the Hurly Burly challenge.
  • Vermivorous has a surprisingly non-aggressive AI even when attacked (i.e. she will focus on crystalisks even if flanked from behind), and as such can sometimes decide to wander off from the battlefield if it is not regularly damaged. It is advised to try and keep track of it and keep it engaged, even if it is risky to do so.
    • If Vermivorous escapes line of sight it is extremely likely to despawn.
  • Within Caustic Caverns, there is a small alcove located in the very back of the small area that Fast Travel arrives in, immediately south of the vending machines and Fast Travel station. The archway next to the small door provides almost complete protection from varkids of every evolutionary stage: Larval and Badass Varkids will only rarely go there, Super Badass Varkids won't approach and the flying varkid varieties from Adult to Vermivorous will sometimes follow a character there, only to 'clip' inside the ceiling of the arch, which will render their most of their acid spit attacks useless.
  • The doorway which is the top-level entrance/exit to Dahl Deep Core 06 (this doorway being a small distance away from the 'cave' in which arrivals to the Caustic Caverns first appear) has a thin door frame inside which provides full protection from varkid attacks of every sort; however, there is room for only one character to take advantage of this full immunity and may find it difficult to chase after a wandering Vermivorous should the need arise (the amassed varkids at the door will not only provide a physical obstacle, they will also use their close-range melee attack to drive the character back).
  • As Vermivorous is not a fixed or scripted spawn, it is possible for other varkids to mutate into Vermivorous, even if one is already spawned. Although very rare, this can lead to multiple copies of her spawning in one area, particularly if the area has a large number of varkids.


  • The Latin root "vermi" means "worms", so the name Vermivorous literally means "worms-eater".
  • Vermivorous is a female.
  • The Borderlands 2 guide hints at Vermivorous' existence by stating there are intriguing rumors of a Varkid so evolved and large that it can "blot out the sun", which have been brushed off as exaggerations.
  • Madame Von Bartlesby reuses Vermivorous's model.