Vengeance Cannon is the tier 6 skill in Wilhelm's Cyber Commando skill tree.
It adds an incendiary shoulder-mounted laser cannon that activates and shoots incendiary laser bolts for a short period of time once his shields become depleted.


Whenever Wilhelm's shield becomes depleted for whatever reason, he will say a corresponding voice line and a Vengeance Cannon will emerge from his right shoulder and appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Pressing Primary Fire after activation of Vengeance Cannon will allow the user to launch fiery laser bolts at his enemies for 12 seconds.


  • In order to fire the Vengeance Cannon, players must press Primary Fire after its activation. If Primary Fire is held continuously either before or during the activation, the cannon will not fire until Primary Fire is pressed again.
  • Holding Primary Fire after the activation allows for uninterrupted barrage of incendiary laser bolts, however the user needs to be mindful of the weapon currently in his hands.
  • The Vengeance Cannon's fire rate is not fixed and can be increased through skills, class mods and Badass Rank.
  • The Vengeance Cannon counts as an incendiary laser weapon, therefore all skills, O2 Kits and Class Mods boosting laser or incendiary damage will increase its damage output.
  • The Vengeance Cannon projectiles have splash damage and can damage the character.
  • The Vengeance Cannon works well with shields sporting short recharge delays and fast recharge rates. While in prolonged combat a fast shield allows for continuous use of the cannon.
  • If the Vengeance Cannon is reactivated by a complete shield recharge while the cannon is already active and the trigger is held the cannon will stop firing and must be triggered again; an attribute that may hinder the use of Hyperion weapons and Maliwan lasers by interrupting their continuous fire abilities unless those weapons' magazines are almost empty.
  • Choosing this Vengeance Cannon skill will cause Wilhelm to speak dialogue with a full robotic voice until the skill is reset.
  • Incendiary damage applied by the vengeance cannon may apply a cryo status effect if points have been invested in the Cold War skill.
  • Activating the Vengeance Cannon while a weapon glitch is active will cause the glitch to affect the Vengeance Cannon as well.

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