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Skins available and unlockable for vehicles.


The Outrunner can be customized with the following paint jobs:

  • "Vehicle X" - Black/Red
  • "Blue Sky" - Blue
  • "Mean Green" - Green
  • "Blaster Master" - Red
  • "General Flee" - Orange
  • "Fuego" - Yellow
  • "Flamingo" - Purple/Pink
  • "Range Racer" - Brown

The Lancer can be customized with the following paint jobs:

P250210 20

A "Tankini" colored Lancer.

  • "APC" - Black
  • "Black Sunshine" - Black/Yellow
  • "Blue Hornet" - Blue/Yellow
  • "Camo" - Green/Black
  • "Diablo" - Red
  • "Stormtrooper" - Tan/White
  • "Tankini" - Pink
  • "The Crush" - Orange

The Monster can be customized with the following paint jobs:

942810 20100318 screen004

Enemy Monster facing the Underdome.

  • "Dirt Driver" - Tan
  • "Happy Hunter" - Green
  • "Hot Stuff" - Orange
  • "Moxxi Mobile" - Pink
  • "Night Rider" - Blue
  • "Red Rover" - Red
  • "Road Hazzard" - Yellow
  • "Urban Commando" - Black

The Racer can be customized with the following paint jobs:

  • "Blue Blur" - Blue
  • "Burner" - Orange
  • "Dune Racer" - Tan
  • "Fast and Loose" - Pink
  • "Fireball" - Red
  • "Greasy Lightning" - Yellow
  • "Mean Green" - Green
  • "X-Racer" - Black

Borderlands 2[]

There are 78 skins currently available in Borderlands 2 but only 72 can be unlocked for the Bandit Technical and Light Runner, while only 69 can be unlocked for the Sandskiff and Fan Boat. Each vehicle once accessed has 12-13 default skins unlocked (this varies for each vehicle) whilst the rest can be unlocked through random enemy drops, lootable objects, and in-game trading with other players. Skins for the Sandskiff will only drop from pirate enemies in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, whilst those for the Fan Boat will drop from most enemies in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. Skins for the Bandit Technical and Light Runner drop in all Borderlands 2 DLCs and raid bosses can drop between 0-3 at a time. Skins must be unlocked for each of the vehicle types and once a character unlocks a skin it is available to all characters.

Skin Name Bandit Technical Light Runner Sandskiff Fan Boat
Acid Blood Default Default Default Default
Acid Net Purple Purple Purple Purple
Alabaster Blue Blue Blue Blue
Artic Sea Blue Blue Blue Blue
Bitchin' Burl Green Green Green Green
Bleedout N/A Green N/A N/A
Blood Bank White Green White White
Bloody Eye Green Green Green Green
Blue Barber Blue Blue Blue Blue
Blue Justice N/A Green N/A N/A
Blue Shield Blue Blue Blue Blue
Blue Steel Green Green Default Default
Brown Zebra Blue Blue Blue Blue
Bubblegum Default Default Default Default
Carsick N/A White N/A N/A
Caustic Racer Blue White Blue Blue
Char Blue Blue Blue Blue
Default Camo Default Default Default Default
Digital Forest Blue Blue Blue Blue
Dimensional Purple Purple Purple Purple
Dirt Road Default Default Default Default
Dreamtime Green Green Green Green
Elysium Green White Green Default Default
Emerald Default Default White White
Eridium Metal Blue Blue Blue Blue
Evil Candy Cane Green Green Green Green
Firemelon Red White White White White
Fuscia Fusion White White White White
Granite Default White Default Default
Green Dragon Green N/A Green Green
Hats Off Orange Orange N/A N/A
Honey Hive Purple Purple Purple Purple
Hypnosis Purple Purple Purple Purple
Infechnical Purple N/A N/A N/A
Inferno Blue Blue Blue Blue
Infrared Blue Blue Blue Blue
Laminate Green Green Green Green
Lavender Love White White White White
Magic Marker Green Green Green Green
Midnight White N/A White White
Mud Runner Green Green Green Green
Minty Fresh White Default Default Default
Neon Purple Green Green Green Green
Nova Star Purple Purple Purple Purple
Old Aluminium White White White White
Onyx Default Default Default Default
Oxidized Green Green Green Green
Pandora Sun White White Default Default
Peachy White White White White
Plasma Blue Default Default White White
Propane Blue Blue Blue Blue
Rainbow Runner N/A Rainbow N/A N/A
Red Out Green N/A Green Green
Roadkill Default Default White White
Rocky Desert Green Green Green Green
Rust Bucket Default Default White White
Sapphire White White White White
Scrap Parts Green Green Green Green
Sea Monster White White Default Default
Skag Blood White White White White
Sky Runner White White White White
Slate White Default White White
Spilled Paint Green Green Green Green
Splatter Burst Blue Blue Blue Blue
Stained Glass Blue Blue Blue Blue
Sun Bleached Default Default White White
Sun Stare White White Default Default
Technical Spectacle Rainbow N/A N/A N/A
The Half-Shell N/A Green N/A N/A
Thresher Yellow Green N/A Green Green
Toxic Mustard White White White White
True Turquoise Green Green White White
Ultra Violet White White White White
Umbra Orange Default Default White White
Urban Jungle Green Green Default Default
Virulent Strain N/A Purple N/A N/A
Wasp Purple Purple Purple Purple
Woody White White White White
Picture Description
Fry half-shell The Half Shell

Borderlands 3[]

Main article: Vehicle Paint Jobs (Borderlands 3)


  • Blue Steel uses Torgue markings and logos. The name "Blue Steel" is a reference to Zoolander.
  • Brown Zebra uses Jakobs markings and logos.
  • Nova Star uses Gearbox markings and logos.
  • Bitchin' Burl is also Jakobs brand skin.