Vault of the Warrior is a volcanic chamber containing an Eridian superweapon known as The Warrior. Handsome Jack tirelessly searches for this Vault during his time on Pandora, hoping to awaken the Warrior and use its power to cleanse the planet.




  • If Gaige has a point in Upshot Robot, it is possible to use Deathtrap to farm XP after killing the Warrior. Deathtrap will attack the rakk with its electric beam, after which each kill will add 5 seconds to its timer. The continuous respawning of rakk means that Deathtrap can stay active indefinitely to gain XP and melee damage stacks.


  • The Vault of the Warrior is one of several vaults on Pandora, the others referred to simply as The Vault.
  • Rakk respawn indefinitely as soon as they are killed.
  • With 11 points in Fleet and a The Rough Rider shield, Maya can jump across the lava to the elevator platform and fight the Warrior without having to use the elevator. 


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