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Vault Hunter's Relic is a unique relic manufactured by Eridian. It is available when pre-ordering Borderlands 2 or buying the Mechromancer Pack.

Special Effect[]

Increases the chance of finding uncommon and rarer loot.

For illustration, percentages for multiple players and different play modes will be different. Based on extracted loot percentages[1].

Effect Percentages
Rarity % Before Relic % After Relic Applied
Common 89.9% 84.77%
Uncommon 8.99% 13.56%
Rare 0.89% 1.35%
Very Rare[2] 0.089% 0.135%
Legendary 0.027%* 0.0407%*

* These rates reflect the standard rate after the 05/2015 drop rate increase for Legendaries.


Although the Vault Hunter's Relic says it increases rare loot chance by 5%, it actually increases the chance by quite a bit more and is misleading. For each Vault Hunter's Relic present in the game, the procedural generation algorithm which creates all the loot in Borderlands 2 decreases the weight of Common loot (divides by value listed below), which increases the likelihood of all other rarities (although as rarity increases the percentage gets drastically smaller). In layman's terms, some loot that would have been white instead gets a free upgrade.


  • Multiple Vault Hunter's Relics do stack their effects in cooperative play.
  • It is impossible to obtain a Vault Hunter's relic with a higher or lower loot chance.
  • The Vault Hunter's Relic cannot be traded or dropped normally. If swapped for a relic on the ground with a full inventory, it will disappear.
  • If the Vault Hunter's Relic is lost it can be replaced by creating a new character and transferring the newly created relic at Claptrap's Secret Stash in Sanctuary.


  1. Learn more about data extraction on Talk page.
  2. Values are the same for magenta E-techs.