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Vaughn is a non-player character in Tales from the Borderlands, Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary and in Borderlands 3. He is a friend of Rhys.


Not much is known about Vaughn's past life aside from the fact that he was 27 during the events of Tales from the Borderlands and that he was once an accountant for Hyperion. He is excellent with numbers and money management, but is something of a coward and cannot handle nervous situations very well. He and Rhys are best friends, knowing one another since childhood, and the two are also close friends with Yvette.


Tales from the Borderlands

At the start of Tales from the Borderlands, Vaughn is a low-ranking accountant working for Hyperion on Helios.

Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

Sometime between the events of Tales from the Borderlands and Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, Vaughn became the war chief of a band of bandits. Shortly before the events of the DLC, Colonel Hector and New Pandora captured the fallen Helios from Vaughn's clan. During the conflict, all but Vaughn became infected by Hector's spores.

When the vault hunters find Vaughn, he is in need of rescuing from his infected clan in The Backburner. Following his rescue and the repair of the firewall, Vaughn cheerfully agrees to help the vault hunters and the Crimson Raiders with liberating Sanctuary from Hector's grasp. He also begrudgingly allows the Crimson Raiders to use his camp as a temporary base of operations.

Borderlands 3

Shortly before the events of Borderlands 3, Vaughn is the leader of a bandit clan called the "Sun Smashers." His clan finds the Vault Map after it was lost in a skirmish between the Crimson Raiders and the Children of the Vault. Vaughn's subordinate, Vic, disobeys him and contacts the Children to hand over the Map. The Children attack the Sun Smashers camp and steal the Map, killing everyone who resists. Vaughn is left hanging upside-down from a crane hook until the Vault Hunters arrive and rescue him for Lilith.




Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

While idle
Some of the idle chats are mission related and can't be heard again once the mission in question is completed.

  • "Ah, the firewall. Beautiful sight, isn't it? Ooh, who's up for some barbecue? Dibs on the varkid legs!"
  • "I'm sure glad you all showed up when you did, not sure I could've held this place by myself. Especially since I was totally out of ammo. And, y'know, courage."
  • "So... what's the deal with Ellie? I mean, she seems... nice."
  • "Good thing I had that bio-scanner sittin' around, huh? Please don't ask what I was doing with it, though. That is between me and my glutes."
  • "Don't get me wrong, living in Helios was great and all, but... the fresh air, the smell of the firewall... does a bandit body good. Bandit liiiife!"
  • "Ugh, that Hector dude. He thinks he's SO bad, just 'cause he's got an elite army, and vine freaks, and -- what? I'm not jealous."
  • "Man. Can't believe Cassius is wrapped up in this thing. I haven't seen that crazy old science dude in a suuuuper long time that doesn't challenge the canon of the story."
  • "You know, for a genius, Cassius can be kind of a dummy. Are all scientists like that?"
  • "Scarab Crew? I thought that was just an old bandit ghost story about a bunch of Dahl bros who got trapped in that mine."
  • "You're going through that old mine? (scoff) Better you than me. That place looks scary as hell."
  • "That Hector dude is all sorts of trouble. Someone -- (cough) you (cough) -- should take him out! I mean, you should take him out. Please kill him."
  • "Heading to Helios, huh? Tell the old girl I miss her, okay? (sniffle) She... was good to us."
  • "Man, I wish I could have been there for that moonshot! To see old Helios doing something good for a change? Plus, huge 'splosions are cool!"
  • "How's Helios looking these days? Actually, don't tell me. I don't think I can take it."
  • "Thanks for thrashing so many of those Hyperion bots in there. Felt good, man. Right in the heart."
  • "Hell yeah! Time for the final showdown! The big finale! This one's for allll the marbles! I'm sorry, when I get super pumped-up, it's just -- the clichés just pour out of me. Like a BOSS!"
  • "I gotta say, this is the best blood pact I've ever been a part of. You guys are HUGE badasses."
  • "Once this is all over, I'm seriously gonna dig through every dresser in Helios looking for extra pairs of Hyperion Redbar undies."
  • "So Hector's gone, huh? Hell yeah! Look, I know you're a Crimson Vault Hunter and everything, but I'm gonna start a new bandit clan, and I could use a few good murder captains!"
  • "You know, I thought I'd miss being a Hyperion accountant, but Pandora's really growing on me. And I'm not just talking about Pandoran Itchy Foot. Yeah, this place might be a hellscape death trap, but it's always a party!"
  • "I wonder how my best bro-bro bro Rhys is doin'. Last time I saw him, he was heading for Promethea to make the Atlas corporation rise like the phoenix!"
  • "Word around the slaughter-cooler is Dahl High Command has its bullets in a bunch over the whole Pandora situation. (clicks tongue) Not a good PR look to have your own settlers organize and rise up like that."
  • "Ahhh, Pandora. A land of freedom, opportunity, and unbelievably high mortality rates."
  • "Man, I can't believe Cassius is dead! Rest in peace, science bro. Rest in peace."
  • "Hey, you take care of yourself out there, Vault Hunter. And who knows? Maybe if this whole bandit-king gig doesn't work out, I'll try my hand at Vault Hunting again."


  • In Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, it is mentioned that Vaughn and Brick play bloodball together, possibly always on Wednesdays.
  • Vaughn's "artifact of power" is a pair of underwear called "Hyperion Redbar X-2000".
  • In Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, after Butt Stallion is retrieved back from the enemy, Vaughn gifts it to Tiny Tina.