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Varkid Shockers are insectoid enemy found in Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax, the fifth DLC for Borderlands 2. Their appearance is of the Badass Varkid but blue colored with waves of electricity running over their bodies. They don't spawn on their own but are result of Tropical Varkid metamorphosis.



Varkid Shockers are large, tough and very powerful foes. Despite having wings, they prefer to stay on the ground and attack their enemies at close range. They also possess the ability to perform a powerful charging attack that is very difficult to avoid. Varkid Shockers can utilize a spit attack, but this is rarely used if the target is exposed. Sometimes, they stop and rub their wings against the body charging them up. When fully charged, next charging attack will be complemented with a powerful electric discharge which can severely damage or completely drain ones shield. Furthermore, they possess armored carapaces that reduce damage and which can even reflect Vault Hunter's shots back at him; corrosive weapons are especially effective against these foes.