Vanquisher is the Title of a group of common Rocket Launchers in Borderlands 2. They are manufactured exclusively by Vladof. The Vanquisher is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Vanquisher uses Vladof's signature three-muzzled cannon barrel, granting it high projectile velocity. In line with other Vladof weapons, it also has a high rate of fire, with the cannon barrel actually rotating as it fires. In addition, the weapon is fully automatic.

Vanquishers are characterized by generous magazines, highest rates of fire and the lowest damage of any of the high velocity launchers, along with poor accuracy. A Vanquisher is best suited to groups of mid-level enemies rather than the tough enemies a rocket launcher would normally be used to deal with, as well as tougher airborne foes such as Buzzards, where the high velocity makes leading them easier. Much like the Droog sniper rifle, a Vanquisher's rapid fire rate will quickly eat through even a maxed-out inventory with a top-level SDU worth of ammunition, meaning it can be expensive to use regularly.

Vanquishers always come with the "consumes reduced ammo per shot" ability. This causes rounds to only consume 0.666 rockets per shot, which is implemented as every third shot on this weapon will not decrease the number of remaining rounds in the magazine.


  • Mongol - Legendary rocket launcher which fires a single large rocket that then releases multiple smaller ones at random angles along its flight path.


  • Oddly, it is often possible to reload a Vanquisher while having no rocket ammunition; the reload animation will play, but the magazine will still be empty afterwards.
  • Gaige's Shock and "AAAGGGGHHH!" skill will continuously take effect upon reloading a Vladof rocket launcher even if there is no remaining ammo at the player's disposal.
  • A glitch is possible with this rocket launcher that would enable the player to consume 50% less ammunition in all weapons, or 100% less if a weapon only consumes 1 ammo per shot.
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