Vallory is August's greedy and ambitious mother. She leads a well-established and feared criminal gang.

Vallory is one of the main antagonists of Tales from the Borderlands.


She first appears after Fiona, Sasha, Rhys and Loader Bot escape the Atlas base. She shoots them down with a bandit style rocket launcher. If Fiona answers her question on who was responsible for screwing up the mission putting the blame on August, she ends up ripping his ear lobe off. She later finds them at the old Atlas science observatory, she again shoots them down with her rocket launcher. She is also accompanied by Brick and Mordecai. She battles Athena, wounding her with her rocket launcher before she can get her Aspis shield back.

Vallory then threatens to kill Athena and the others if Fiona doesn't find the rest of the Gortys parts. She is later seen firing her rocket launcher at an unknown object which turns out to be Gortys. She ends up being killed by The Traveler.





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