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VR-0N1CA (or Veronica) is a female CL4P-TP unit specialized in Telecommunications, manufactured by Hyperion. According to Claptrap, the model she was based on was discontinued following the success of ECHO 1, and is possibly the last of her kind. She appears in Borderlands 3.


VR-0N1CA is a V-class telecommunications bot used by Hyperion. After the ECHO 1 was released, her entire line of production was shut down and she was left decommissioned on Promethea. Her core and speech processor was later found by Claptrap after the mission Hostile Takeover, who was seeking for a companion.


As Claptrap felt lonely in his quarters on the Cargo Bay of Sanctuary III, he found a core and speech processor that he integrated into a decommissioned Claptrap unit, which was revealed to be VR-0N1CA. Being in a very poor state, and realizing that VR-0N1CA is possibly the last of her kind, Claptrap orders the Vault Hunters to seek for spare parts all across the galaxy on dead Claptraps, so he could rebuild her to his liking, equip her with the best parts, and finally put an end to his loneliness.

While looking like a classic CL4P-TP unit with no arms or wheel when discovered, VR-0N1CA progressively gets better over the course of the adventure. She gets a repaint, and has more dialogue lines when parts like a Hairpiece, a Poetry Module or a Reinforced Rear Plate are found. She even becomes more capable than Claptrap with the addition of a Stair-Climbing Update. As Claptrap rebuilds VR-0N1CA, he progressively develops feelings for her, and a relationship seems to develop between the two robots.

When the final part is found, VR-0N1CA is upgraded with a Higher Cognitive Function module. When Claptrap expresses her his feelings, VR-0N1CA violently rejects him, calling herself a "strong, independent woman" that doesn't need a bot like Claptrap. She then climbs up the stairs to set in Moxxi's Bar, leaving Claptrap devastated.

When all parts are found, she thanks the Vault Hunters, knowing that they found the parts for her, by sending them a mail containing a legendary pistol, the Baby Maker++ from Tediore. After the break-up scene, VR-0N1CA can be found at Moxxi's Bar and doesn't have any dialogue from that point.



  • Greetings! I am a VR-0N1CA Telecommunications Bot, but you can just call me Veronica! (when activated on Sanctuary III by Claptrap)
  • It's like... coming out of a dark place. I can finally say without question: I am! (when completed, after she gets upgraded with the Higher Cognitive Function module)
  • And on a related note... I am SICK of your stupid face, Claptrap! Spending all this time building a companion bot? Well, too bad for you, bucko! Because I'm a strong, independent woman, and I don't NEED no preening little boybot crampin' my ample style! (when she breaks up with Claptrap, after the Higher Cognitive Function module)
  • Keep dreaming, scrap-heap. (when she breaks up with Claptrap, after the Higher Cognitive Function module)


  • When Claptrap is not in the room and VR-0N1CA is halfway built, if the player manages to press the button inside Claptrap's room without directly stepping into it, Claptrap's disco ball will begin sparking and playing electroswing music, while VR-0N1CA begins bobbing left and right to the song.