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krieg build

Thank you for sharing your Krieg build. Please only create new pages for specific builds using your own userspace. Your build can now be found at User:Xoreon69/unstoppable maniac. Or you can create your own blog post to share other things. Razldazlchick 20:08, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

Critique - Unstoppable Maniac

The build has several lacking parts from my point of view.

  • Mania-Tree
    • Thrill of the Kill - Why using this skill? It practically works against the use of "Release the Beast" 'and in the Rampage-mode you get fully healed for any kill anyway.
    • Redeem the Soul - If you play solo you don't really need this skill
    • Strip the Flesh - Given your choice of weapons this skill makes little to no sense...Only to support "Light the Fuse" the skillpoints are pretty much wasted
  • Bloodlust-Tree:
    • Blood Overdrive - Your prefered weapons can't really kill efficently in higher PTs.
    • Blood Trance - You use "Release the Beast" to keep yourself alive by refilling with it your health. But you aren't save during the Rampage-Mode from high damage. Because of this you shouldn't extend the time of the rampage.
  • Equipment:
    • Weapons - You should extend your range of weapons...and maybe replace yours...following some good examples:
      • Rapier - to deal significant damage outside of the Rampage-mode with melee-attacks
      • Unkempt Harold - As a Torgue-Gun each kill counts both as an explosive- and gun-kill, so it triggers "Blood Overdrive" and "Blood Bath" and it gets the full benefits of "Strip the Flesh" (if you drop "Light the Fuse" it becomes a great weapon for FFYL with "Strip the Flesh")
      • Slagga - In PT3 it is important to slag enemies to kill as fast as possible
      • Fibber (Ricochet Variant) - Its damage-output is even in PT3 fearsome and the only thing you need to do is to aim at the feet of the enemy, so that 9 deadly bullets hit him
    • Class Mod - You don't use the full range of the skills of Legendary Psycho, so there are better "normal" Classmods:
      • Sickle - A blue one with "Empty the Rage" and "Silence the Voices" + its own melee-bonus can deal extreme damage
      • Slab - A blue one with "Fuel the Rampage" and "Feed the Meat"
    • Shields - The Rough Rider is an awesome shield for a Mania-Krieg, but there are some others which are equal to it:
      • Hide of Terramorphous - It is the strongest Roid-shield and its Nova- and Spike-properties make it ideal for Krieg, who charges at enemies
      • Flame of the Firehawk - Due to Kriegs increased Recharge-Delay and his ease to survive without shields, he can make the most out of this shied
      • Love Thumper - Immense Recharge-Delay (Which is perfect for Krieg), High Roid-Damage and an Explosive-Nova after every melee-attack, when the shields are down. This makes this shield perfect for Krieg

I just wanted to give some input on your build and I hope I gave you 1 or 2 ideas to improve it. Leafless (talk) 06:49, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

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