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Legendary Warrior


This build is set to fully utilise the "Legendary Soldier" Class mod, which provides up to +5 skill points into each of the tier 1 skills.

The build allows for maximum turret damage, whilst providing more protection and damage for Axton himself. It can provide boosts in near death situations, and allows for Axton to escape fire after obtaining kills, resulting in many lucky escapes. Overall, the build provides a huge amount of bonus damage from Axton and both of his turrets, whilst maximising the time that they both stay alive.

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Sentry 5/5: Allows for turret guns to deal much more damage and last longer. With Phalanx shield, reduced damage sustains turret duration even further

Ready 4/5: Allows for reduced battle delay, avoiding death if the turret is not out

Willing 1/5: Helps to provide security in battle

Onslaught 2/5: Allows you to boost ahead whilst your turret takes out enemies, and also allows you to easily notice your kills

Scorched Earth 1/1: Adds large amounts of damage to the turret, especially when Gemini is used


Impact 5/5: Extra damage allows for more power in battle

Expertise 1/5: One skill point allows for COM to take effect, and the bonuses help to give you the extra edge when the turret is down in battle


Healthy 5/5: When partnered with Legendary COM, gives +60% Max Health, providing a massive advantage

Preparation 3/5: When partnered with COM, gives +24% Shield capacity and regenerates 3.2% of health when shield is full, reducing the amount of time spent behind cover and increasing the maximum amount of damage that Axton can survive

Last Ditch Effort 1/5: Small bonus, but can provide the vital extra damage that can save you in a situation

Forebearance 5/5: Provides protection from elemental sources, and increases health, greatly aiding Axton

Phalanx Shield 1/1: Protects you and shield, allowing increased turret duration and providing safe cover

Resourceful 5/5: Helps to speed up turret regeneration, which could save you in a battle

Mag Lock 1/1: Can help to provide extra locations for the turret in which it is better protected from enemy fire

Grit 4/5: Can save you from many near death situations

Gemini 1/1: With all the other boosts, double the amount of turrets provides you with twice as much powerful damage

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