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we should try and design a filtering system to prvent vandilism or quick back ups to delete and repair the damage. do you know any scripts for this?

but wikia or the admin should try and make a script the judges and filters certim words used in edits...it could greatly help

I will ask a friend in real life about it I can never find thoose sy=mbols on my key board!:P but I'll try to rememberThemecanist (talk) 05:37, October 7, 2012 (UTC)themecanist

come discuss Law

Talk:Law (Borderlands 2) Input is desired thanks, asking everyone keep it civil, no revert wars -Raisins (talk) 07:34, October 13, 2012 (UTC)


Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, Allegiance relics would make them OP, but these classes are extremely challenging, because you only get the bonuses from their Loyalty tree with guns of their maker, forcing players to play with a very limited style. Their other trees contain good skills, at least they will when I design them, but to get the most out of each class, you have to use only their particular gun makers. Besides, if Gearbox does include something like these classes, they would probably take care of balancing issues.


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This user has killed
Crawmerax the Invincible.

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thank you

...for your support in my recent (successful) RfA. your support will not be forgotten in the coming days of the revolution.

your newest benevolent dictator,

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Trivia revert

Do you mean this reference page? I can't seem to find any other and there's not even a word on MLP there. Plus, on several other pages (I just followed links at random on the page) it's also mentioned aside from the pop culture reference list. Keeping notes of it on the page itself is done on most other gaming wikis so people will keep adding these notes anyway. --TalkpageEl_Nazgir 22:48, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, thanks. However, the reason I had undone your undo was to try to change the way the article sounds. As it was before my initial edit, the article sounded like the main way to get Seraph items was to kill the Guardians until they dropped them, rather than to collect the crystals and use them to buy the weapons from the Seraph Vendors. Joeshmo101 (talk) 01:48, January 18, 2013 (UTC)

Just a quick head up, bandits in borderlands 2 really do shout what I posted on the attack. I must have heard it at least once every time I visited a place with psycho's in it.

psycho semen

id always thought he was saying steeee-ven. is it subtitled as semen?   Dr. F    Chemicalweapon.png   Wordpress shovel.png   Boston globe bullhorn.png  13:08, January 19, 2013 (UTC)

delete template

The template is simply "{{delete}}" (see delete). You can also use "{{speedydelete}}" for obvious mess ups. You can also (should) add a parameter quickly explaining why the page warrants a delete, for example "{{speedydelete|I accidentally the wrong title}}".

In any case, there is no problem messing up. happypal (talk • contribs) 10:45, February 1, 2013 (UTC)

The template is {{delete}}. You can also use {{speedydelete}} for pages you are the author of, obvious vandalism and what not. Finally, you can (should) add a quick rationale in the first parameter, eg: {{speedydelete|I accidentally the wrong title}}. See Template:delete for more info.

In any case, no problem. happypal (talk • contribs) 11:00, February 1, 2013 (UTC)

EDIT: Sorry for the double post, my connection to internet connection to borderlands.wikia has been exceptionally flaky lately. happypal (talk • contribs) 11:12, February 1, 2013 (UTC) "


Could you perhaps avoid uploading pictures irrelevant to the Boarderlands series? I was going to ask if there was a Barkley wiki that you could "let it out" on LOL. Perhaps you could create one :) Trig Anomaly (talk) 09:41, February 5, 2013 (UTC) I think I messed up your talk page also.

I appreciate it.

I actually forgot about the references page, so thank you for the reminder, it's really appreciated! :) Abyss Raider (talk) 21:36, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

P.S. There were some strange formatting issues going on with your page, I'm think I got them all fixed up, though...

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