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Luneshine Boominator / Rocket Launchers

hEY dude can yuo please check if rocket launchers are not affected by the Luneshine grenade bonus.

Gabs9996 (talk) 23:40, December 11, 2015 (UTC)

Yeah, I'd checked out rocket launchers too, and they do not get affected by things which buff grenade damage (including the Boominator Luneshine bonus). AFAIK the current exceptions noted on the Luneshine page should be accurate. -- Apocalyptech (talk) 01:48, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

Sandbox edits

Please keep to a minimum of successive edits on any given article. It is totally inappropriate for contributors to bloat the edit history with an unnecessarily long string of updates. -- WarBlade (talk) 21:57, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

Hm, apologies for the spam, then. I assume for an index-like page (such as Scav (faction)), if I'm planning on filling it out with previously-missing articles and other fixes like that, you'd prefer that I copy it over to something under my own user namespace, and then copy it back once the deluge of new artcles-and-such are actually in place? (Wouldn't that just fill up the edit history, too, though? I know I was surprised to see my User-namespace edits showing up in the history earlier. Or do you only see your own User-namespace edits in there?) -- Apocalyptech (talk) 22:05, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
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