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zombieland 2

i suggest you make a forum for your tactics vs zombies. most are a bit far out. more for players who like a challenge. here is the start from zombie page:

  • While obviously unintelligent, it is not uncommon for zombies to spawn in mutliple directions during an attack, making being surrounded a very real possibily. The best course of action is upon seeing a large amount of zombies is
(we interupt this message with a word from Dr. F - kiting)

to either find a wall to back into or remember where they don't spawn from if it is a second play through and set up a defense in that location.

  • Players that are heavily built towards berserking with Brick should consider using shotguns and rocket launchers instead of the berserk skill. While with a few zombies it is not a problem, simply rushing into a mob with others attacking is extremely risky, especially with Defilers and Suicide Zombies, as the player can be slowed to a crawl or heavily damaged or out right killed.
  • Zombies are capable of killing a bleeding player almost instantly. This is offset by zombies lack of health and requirement to be close to be able to hit.

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Using incendiary weapons on Lance.

It's typically advised to only advocate the BEST strategy against a specific enemy. In this case, the Lance. There's no shortage of weapons in Borderlands. Finding a corrosive weapon wouldn't be hard. The only incendiary weapon(s) worth using against the Lance are the Hellfire and the Firehawk. Both of which are already lauded on their page as such. Nohai 18:36, December 9, 2011 (UTC)

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