I have created a small bot that does two things:

  1. Creates a list of weapons split by category (limited Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel weapons)
  2. Auto-magically fills out a weapons template in the standard format (organised by Category and sub-divided by Common/Unique/Legendary/Pearlescent)

The bot itself doesn't update the articles, but it does create the list of articles for use in AutoWikiBrowser.

I have already generated the relevant templates and manually added them to the article (eg. Template:ShotgunsTPS) but I have not put them in to active use on the weapon pages as this would create 67 article updates in the recent updates page (since this account is not a bot-flagged account).

So, basically, I am requesting permission from the community/admins to run this mass update on the relevant articles so they have the template attached. I feel it's best to do this through a bot because it's a very simple edit that has to be made en-mass to a large number of articles and for the sake of getting it done, a bot would save a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

Thanks for reading -- zuriki (talk) 01:29, October 25, 2014 (UTC)

Here is the list of articles that will be updated:

Pistols Submachine Guns Shotguns Assault Rifles
  1. 88 Fragnum
  2. Blowfly
  3. Cyber Eagle
  4. Ender
  5. Fibber
  6. Globber
  7. Gwen's Other Head
  8. Handgun
  9. Maggie
  10. Probe
  11. Shooterang
  12. Smasher
  13. TMP
  14. Zim
  1. Black Snake
  2. Fatale
  3. Fridgia
  4. Frostfire
  5. IVF
  6. Marek's Mouth
  7. Meat Grinder (SMG)
  8. Torrent
  1. Boganella
  2. Boomacorn
  3. Bullpup
  4. Delivery
  5. Flakker
  6. Jack-o'-Cannon
  7. Moonface
  8. Too Scoops
  9. Torguemada
  10. Viral Marketer
  11. Wombat
  1. Hammer Buster II
  2. Ice Scream
  3. Kerboom
  4. Major Tom
  5. Ol'Painful
  6. Shredifier
  7. Wallop
Sniper Rifles Rocket Launchers Lasers
  1. Fremington's Edge
  2. Longnail
  3. Pitchfork
  4. Rakehell
  5. Razorback
  6. Skullmasher (Borderlands 2)
  7. The Machine
  8. Wet Week
  1. Cryophobia
  2. Nukem
  3. Thingy
  4. Volt Thrower
  1. Blaster (laser)
  2. Bright Spadroon
  3. Cat o' Nine Tails
  4. E-GUN
  5. Excalibastard
  6. Firestarta
  7. Lazlo's Freezeasy
  8. Min Min Lighter
  9. Mining Laser
  10. Ol' Rosie
  11. Railgun
  12. Splitter
  13. Vandergraffen
  14. Vibra-Pulse
  15. The ZX-1
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