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    Syntax Highlighting

    March 26, 2015 by WarBlade

    For those using the source editing interface, you may have noticed a radical change to the edit fields. Syntax highlighting is being implemented around Wikia. See Kirkburn's blog about syntax highlighting for more information, or to provide feedback.

    Short description: Syntax highlighting colour codes elements within the editing interface. Templates are one colour, for example, while galleries are another.

    If syntax highlighting is too much of a problem, you can enable / disable it by a check box in your preferences on the "Editing" tab. Please note however that your reasons for wanting it, or not wanting it, may constitute valuable feedback.

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  • WarBlade

    The release date announcement for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and also the imminent arrival of E3 2014, marks the point where the trickle of information documented on the becomes a surge ahead of the torrent later this year. A link on the Games Hub points to the , and this will undoubtedly bring in a fresh crop of contributors as well.

    I have thus far held back on updates to the articles covering the four playable characters, much to the disappointment of a few I imagine, but this has been for a number of reasons:

    • Those articles currently cover existing characters, and back and forth editing of speculative pre-release information (subject to change) could be detrimental to the documentation of already released content.
    • Speculation is specula…
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  • WarBlade

    Full Article Templates

    April 15, 2014 by WarBlade

    Now that we have new Borderlands upcoming release content to start thinking about, we will also have to consider updates to the templates on the . The first one on the list is the character infobox. This is the last of the infobox templates to be updated with automatically generated categories, and it was impractical to use categories like this because the template is occasionally used for fan fic characters in the User name space.

    So with new characters coming, old character articles needing repairs, and a varied mish mash of manually added categories to sort out, it seems appropriate to tackle the character infoboxes first.

    It'll be a little different this time though. I'm tinkering with a template that can cover an entire page rather than…

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  • WarBlade

    With the announcement that Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode is coming to Borderlands 2 it has become necessary to update the mission infobox template to accommodate the third level and rewards. As a result of this all mission articles can now be considered a stub article in need of infobox updates, whether they are currently tagged as stubs or not.

    To update pages simply add the new fields

    | level3 = | rewards3 =

    ... to the infobox below the level 2 entries, but only if you have the data to supply, or are updating a Borderlands 2 mission article for some other reason - we don't need extra page edits just to add blank fields.

    I look forward to seeing the data roll in.

    Additionally I have updated the level 2 entries to display "True Vault Hunter Mode"…

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  • WarBlade

    Due to ongoing problems with vandalism, I'm proposing that we appeal to Wikia Central for an update to our user group rights. By restricting unregistered contributors from creating pages we can stem the flow of vandal problems but this also raises a few questions, and because of this it is appropriate to gauge the opinion of registered community members on such changes.

    Firstly, user group rights are levels of access that our accounts (or lack thereof) grant us. Everyone including unregistered contributors can read and edit pages. Registering a user name opens up a few more functions, such as the ability to rename (move) pages. Sysop level access grants the ability to delete pages, and Bureaucrats can appoint and remove Sysop access, and so…

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