Really got bored today on Borderlands, constantly running the Eridian guantlet to improve my profiency. So, I figured I can really test my skills, by using nothing but crappy revolvers I find as loot. Judging from my progress with this, I'm guessing it's hightime to get that General Knoxx DLC, seeing that I need cooler weapons, see what there is. For the record, within 3 hours, I picked up 27 revolvers. I raided Sledge's Safehouse, Earl's Scrapyard, Old Haven, and the Crimson Fastness with these "loot guns" I find. Not the best. Really seen better. However, I did find some nice Torque weapons and a Dahl: a shattering machine gun (blue) with 300ish damage and high 80 accuracy, and a sub-machine gun (blue) with around 210 damage with almost 90 accuracy (though the fire rate is a tad low) with a bonus recoil reduction. The Dahl sub-machine gun (purple) beats my double anarchy by a 40 accuracy difference. Damage is no difference (102 x 2 VS 110 x 2), and, being Dahl, as a huge recoil reduction, (making it's 2.6x zoom actually useful).

Other than that, just cleaned my bank by "taking my crap" that I don't need, and sold it. Inventory is now nice and prim (save the 27 revolvers in inventory).

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I ran into a glitch in Skag Valley, with my Siren. Doing the Seeds quest, I was being attacked by skags (incredible, I know) and went into Phase Walk. When I exited it, killed some skags, but as I turn around, this skag is standing still with its right side stretched SO FAR. It looked like elastic and went into one of the rocks. It's ragdoll effects didn't kick in, so it was just frozen there. I'm gonna try this against bandits and many others, just to see if they do it too. I think you have to a lot of enemies surronding you in order work, I THINK. A few things that went on: low health, back turned to "the skag", meleed one in front canceling Phase Walk. I'll test that during the weekends (hopefully posting a picture soon as well).

Friday, I'm gonna be trading my Torque Cobra sniper, so I'm gonna need to find a new one soon. So far, the one I have is a Dahl, so maybe not too much. For those interested, if you have a 750ish sniper with a minimum 2x zoom with a above 90 accuracy, preferably a Jakobs or Dahl (really could careless about the magazine size), or any pistol that I might be interested in, I don't mind trading you it for something on XBox 360. The gamertag is the same as the username.

The NFQ 02:40, May 14, 2010 (UTC)