Howdy folks. I'd like to ask the community for support for a bot flag and inclusion on the AWB white list(edit:not needed) for my bot account. I would like to use this account for mass edits of minor varieties like link or category changes, template parameter updates (if needed), minor repetitive edits that are better done automatically by bot. The bot flag will keep the bot edits from spamming recent changes and wiki activity and inclusion on the AWB white list will allow the bot to be run automatically.

I have enough familiarity with AWB to make these kinds of edits with the regex find/replace functions and have made these types of edits on other wikis. Although new to editing here, I am very familiar with mediawiki markup and editing. Of note, I was a sysop/bureaucrat at the Fallout wiki until this past year, when I mainly "retired" from editing. You may see my contributions here. I am familiar with creating complex templates and decent enough with CSS, although javascript required too much time investment to fully comprehend. I have also contributed to many other wikis, mainly with template or CSS help, as well as creating a few new ones myself.

While I did decide to "retire" from daily editing at Fallout, I have found a desire to help get some of the BLPS content filled out here. Allowing me the use of the bot account will help facilitate this. That said, I'm a numbers and templates kind of guy. Not much of a writer, so please fell free to go round behind me and correct my terrible prose. I reckon I'll work here for quite a bit, at least until I help get some of the BLPS content up, as well as continuing being a part of the Fallout community.

Please respond below with any comments, questions or suggestions and if you support a bot flag for my bot. Thank you. The Gunny  UserGunny chevrons 21:24, December 5, 2014 (UTC)

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