Hello wiki,

This is mostly for my own sake, but if you want to use these screenshots for a wiki page, or help me figure out how to make them myself, read on!

To anyone still reading, here is an explanation for this blog:

I have been taking screenshots of important / unique / legendary items and I thought maybe I could share them on the wiki to help get some of these pages filled out.  I had noticed, for example, that the page on the Smasher pistol was not quite accurate. (It is now somewhat updated, but still has no page for variants and screenshots of them.)  I tried my hand at creating a new page for it, and I read several articles about starting new pages, but I couldn't get it to look quite right.  If anyone knows how to make these pages, or can point me toward a detailed guide (on creating tables for item variants) that would be greatly appreciated!  I didn't want to create a new page, format it wrong, and give everyone a headache, so instead I have decided to upload some of my photos to my personal blog.  I will keep trying to learn how to create a new page properly, but until then, this is what I will use.

I have never created a page on a wiki before, but I do know how to write posts, create tables and charts, and generally format pages.  What I do not know are the finer details such as:

  • the specific shades of grey used in the backgrounds of cells on this wiki.  (see example)
  • how to make a table where you can sort the entries by the different catagories of each column.
  • how to change the color of text (I have done it in other programs, I might have just typed it wrong here)

Smasher Variants








Element/ Chance




Straight Shootin'







Consumes 3 ammo per shot.

The background of the top row is: rgb(30, 30, 30), and the background for the second row is: rgb(75, 75, 75)

The border is: rgb( 125, 125, 125)

The text is not bright enough, however, and both the cells and the table itself are not the proper dimensions...

2014-10-26 00010

Straight Shootin' (obtained legitimately at start of game)

Other possibly useful screenshots:

2014-10-21 00010Elsquanday
2014-10-21 00016Elsquanday
2014-10-23 00002Elsquanday

Obtained using "new game" glitch

2014-10-23 00003Elsquanday

Obtained using "new game" glitch

2014-10-24 00004Elsquanday

Obtained using "new game" glitch

2014-10-24 00005Elsquanday

Obtained using "new game" glitch

2014-10-25 00008Elsquanday

Legendary in Vendor

2014-10-25 00009Elsquanday

better view of variant

2014-10-26 00004Elsquanday

Obtained using "new game" glitch


This is purely for information's sake in hopes that this website may stay updated on this game.