With the introduction of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we will now have a whole plethora of new toys to play with and document. Among these items are the new oxygen tank-jetpacks, referred to by the developers as Oz Kits, which replace Relics. My question to the community is: how should we handle these Oz Kits?

Of course, that question is somewhat vague and can take on a lot of answers and interpretations. To clarify, I think it best to "break it down" and ask a few, smaller questions to which we can answer simply. As such, I strongly believe we refrain from creating any articles about Oz Kits until a decision has been decided on, as a community - the Borderlands Wiki community.

The first, major question we need to ask ourselves is what to name these oxygen kits. Should we simply name them Oz Kits? In response, how should the new category be named? Should it also be simply Category:Oz Kit? Personally, I see this as being the best thing to do. It is simple and easy to remember, and has an "official" name coming from the developers, themselves. I do not see a strong reason against this action, however, please voice your opinions!

The next thing we should decide on, however trivial, is the new Oz Kit page. Functionally, they act and function exactly like relics. Of course, on the other hand, they are quite different - double-jumping, slam modifiers, and oxygen capacity. I, much like most of you, would agree that a new page is in order to separate the two. Then there is the issue of the template. In response, I would prefer if the template is kept untouched until release. I see no reason to create a template before release, as there will be little content to add past the "bare bones" content - i.e. Common, Unique, Legendary. Once again, I want to see some opinions.

Finally, I would like to ask members of the community to give examples of how they would create a page for this: Arctic Oxidizer

At the very least, tell me what you think this thing is actually named: Arctic Oxidizer or just Oxidizer with Arctic as the prefix.

Let the comments commence!