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  • Nagamarky
    • 2nd April: Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode = US$5 or Season Pass
    • mid May: Krieg the Psycho playable character = add-on content
    • end June: fourth DLC, the biggest ever = US$10 or Season Pass

    Missed the first twenty minutes or so of the community stream, not sure if date for level cap increase was announced then, but it was not for the subsequent forty minutes.

    Teaser trailer for fourth DLC shows Tina as DM for her D&D with Brick plus Lilith plus Mordy. or some such.

    Speculation... go!

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  • Nagamarky

    About the v1.31 patch

    August 6, 2010 by Nagamarky

    Is there a way to extract the cabinet files manually, or does anyone have a guide to which files get extracted to which directory?

    (I'm getting a fatal error when trying to install the patch.)

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  • Nagamarky

    Projectile motion.

    June 25, 2010 by Nagamarky

    The projectiles for Kyros' Power apparently have a special one for x4 procs, but I've yet to even get a x4-capable variant with which to see for myself. Attached are the parts to be tested at a later date.

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  • Nagamarky

    Discuss. Confirmed.

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  • Nagamarky

    The number of redundant pages, e.g. AX300 Pearl Masher or DVL550 C Cobalt Volcano, is stupidly large. Is there no way to mark such pages to be removed in a more elegant fashion? Speedydelete is not dysfunctional in the sense that it's not very speedy, but more of that it's not speedy in the correct manner to deal with the unnecessary pages.

    I doubt Wikia maintains janitorial bots like big brother 'pedia does - I have yet to see one operational on any Wikia site - so the process probably can't get any faster. I was tempted to run through Raisins' watchlist and speedy all the redundancies, but that would clock up too many unnecessary edits and fill the feed.

    Though I'd hate to question the pagemove system, but I don't see many links to the-origiā€¦

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