Hi there, it's HybridDragoness, long-time (kinda?) editor of the Borderlands wiki who makes way too many run-on sentences. As some of you are aware, I've been working on creating transcripts of missions for Borderlands 2. With the upcoming release of The Pre-Sequel and encouragement from WarBlade, I'm making this blog post to ask people about any ideas they would have on organizing the quotes and transcripts of the Borderlands series.

The problem boils down to: Do we create subpages for quotes and transcripts, or do we not?

FOR creating subpages:

  • Things look neater
  • Easier for people to avoid spoilers
  • Avoiding pages like Krieg's in which quotes take up a good 70% of the height of the page lol
  • Stuff I haven't thought of yet

AGAINST creating subpages:

  • More pages to micromanage
  • Mostly pointless to create a subpage with a few lines of transcript
  • Stuff I haven't thought of yet

It's also possible to simply create subpages for articles that need them (e.g. playable characters like Krieg mentioned above, or a long story mission with a transcript containing spoilers) and not create subpages for articles that don't need them (a minor NPC like C3n50r807 or the missions he hands out). There are problems associated with this too: What exactly would be the criteria to if something would have a subpage or not? Also things will not be consistent.

Let me know if you would prefer subpages, no subpages, or a mix of them, and why, and thanks in advance!