I noticed recently that our "sortable table arrows" have been changed, making them damn near impossible to see on our dark background. I contacted Wikia regarding this issue. I am making this blog post as a reference for our users of the what is being said.

Happypal255, Aug 28 12:36 pm (UTC):
Hi there, My name is happypal, admin on the Borderlands wiki:

It has come to my attention recently (probably during 1.19 upgrade), that our "sortable table arrows" have been changed from white to black, making them near impossible to see.
You can see this on the page:
Or on the attached image.

This is not something we have control of over on our end. May I request that the "sortable table arrows" be made white for wikis with a dark skin?

Kind regards, happypal

Rappy, Aug 28 04:53 pm (UTC):

Thanks for contacting Wikia. We appreciate you letting us know about this problem. I will pass your report directly to our technical staff for investigation and review.

Sorry for this issue, and thanks for using Wikia.

Timothy Collins
Wikia Community Support

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