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  • Happypal

    I've been wanting to write this for a while, but I've been mostly AFK from the wiki the last couple months. The truth is that, for me, BL2 was a huge disapointment. This is my opinion, and you are free to not relate, but I really hate this game, which makes trying to contribute to the wiki harder.

    I like to think of BL1 like I did Diablo 1: Both are my favorite games ever. They are rather simple, the *actual* gameplay is fun (*really* fun). You don't need to worry too much about end game, cookie cutting or what not. Getting loot is fun, but the core fun is *Finding* the loot.

    I'll start with the two most important points, then nitpick at the last 2 points:

    EVERYTHING in BL2 is gimmicky. In BL1, the guns where fun to use, felt like they packed…

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  • Happypal

    Skill format and Gold

    September 12, 2012 by Happypal

    How's this?


    Inside the Box, we have the game's exact words, with no mention of progression. The lead section presents the skill reword from "you" to "character", as well as English growth.

    Effects section notes the gain per level. Progression is as before

    Both are kind of redundant but complementary at the same time. I think it is OK for now.

    Finally, I added a new "Gold" style, to match the (supposed) look of the game: It highlights the Keywords that will get matched.


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  • Happypal

    Sortable arrows

    August 28, 2012 by Happypal

    I noticed recently that our "sortable table arrows" have been changed, making them damn near impossible to see on our dark background. I contacted Wikia regarding this issue. I am making this blog post as a reference for our users of the what is being said.

    Happypal255, Aug 28 12:36 pm (UTC):
    Hi there, My name is happypal, admin on the Borderlands wiki:

    It has come to my attention recently (probably during 1.19 upgrade), that our "sortable table arrows" have been changed from white to black, making them near impossible to see.
    You can see this on the page:
    Or on the attached image.

    This is not something we have control of over on our end. May I reques…

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  • Happypal

    Splicing Accuracy

    August 22, 2012 by Happypal

    Since I've been here, I've done 2 major overhauls of Accuracy. I find that it is still not a great page. This is a real shame as the page is really very important.

    I think it was doomed to fail from the start as it covers many different things, in particular, handling vice spread: The result is (IMO) confusing and cluttered.

    I am trying a splice of the page into two other pages: "Player Accuracy" (Accuracy (player)) and "Weapon Accuracy" (Accuracy (weapon)).

    This allows making it very clear there are two different metrics in a top accuracy article. The page explains that there is a difference, what pertains to what etc...

    Meanwhile, the "sub" articles are much clearer, contain more info, and are less cluttered (IMO).

    I think Weapon Accuracy's sec…

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