Hey all!

Admin and talented physician Dr. Clayton Forrestor asked me to write a short blog post about the new infoboxes. It's pretty simple, really: One of my Wikia coworkers likes to say that "we should be able to display Wikia content on a washing machine". It's tongue-in-cheek, I take his point well: the breadth and depth of devices that we need to support is only growing.

Right now, our approach is, essentially, to backfill mobile solutions as necessary. That's gone OK for a while - some infoboxes, especially ones that are more than two rows, don't fare so well - but it's certainly not a long-term strategy, especially for how quickly mobile traffic is starting to take off.

We absolutely do not want to change the basic intent of Infoboxes. What we want to do is make sure we're ready for the next device/platform/washing machine that comes along, and the current structure to Infobox code doesn't allow us to do that.

I hope that's clear - please feel free to use the comments here or my talk page to ask questions!