• Darkstrom666

    Deathtrap is a cute and deadly robot. So, Gaige loves him so much... we too :). In this article, i'll show how to use Deathtrap efficently on combat and how to reach best harmony with Gaige.

    This build got all Deathtrap upgrades except One Two Boom which is not good without investing elemental damage skills in Little Big Trouble skill tree. To play with this build efficently, you must go in non-stop killing rampage. Use slag weapons to boost Deathtrap's heavy melee damage and he will boost your shield and protects you with his explosive clap. Make sure you protect Deathtrap and he will protects you in turn.

    This offers most powerful and most weakest playing experience. Deathtrap can save you from dying but he needs to be saved when he overwh…

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